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Emily Chan

English Literature student, tea drinker.

Emily Chan is an English Literature student. She is an admirer of good facial hair and thinks the world would be a better place if more men grew beards.

'Skinny' Venus and Attitudes to Body Image

Anna Utopia Giordano's <a href="" target="_hplink">photoshopped Renaissance nudes</a> that have been floating around recently have, quite rightly, received praise for illustrating the power of digital distortion in our magazines today.
21/03/2012 09:25 GMT

Critical Dictionary: Un-defining Words (Interview)

Inspired by Georges Bataille's 'Critical Dictionary', David Evans set up an online art magazine by the same name, employing the visual in order to challenge definitions of words and instead illustrate the constantly altering, multiplicity of meanings that they signify.
01/02/2012 17:47 GMT

How Relevant Is the Poet Laureate Today?

Carol Ann Duffy's poem about Stephen Lawrence is clearly something we would want of our laureate. But that raises the issue of what we actually expect of Carol Ann Duffy, if indeed we expect anything at all.
10/01/2012 22:42 GMT

What Is It About Haruki Murakami?

Murakami captures the concerns of modern life, somewhat effortlessly in the easiness of his prose, combining this with an overriding sense of cool through the extraordinary detail in his writing. To a certain extent, we know what to expect. That's why we'll come back to him time and time again.
15/12/2011 09:57 GMT