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James Butlin

Entertainment blogger and twitterer

A graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, James Butlin has joined the millions of unemployed graduates clamouring for the golden ticket of a job in the media industry. At university he was editor of the student magazine, and since then he has taken on work experience stints and had work printed at and Empire Magazine. James has a penchant for action and comedy films, as well as anything Batman related. You can find him blogging at and tweeting at @jebutlin.

Sherlock is Good, But Haven't We Seen This All in Batman?

Many, many people will have seen the finale of series two of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss's gripping <em>Sherlock</em>. However, and this isn't to say I didn't absolutely love it, I gradually noticed more and more story similarities between<em> Sherlock</em>, specifically in their Hounds of Baskerville episode and then more so in <em>The Reichenbach Fall</em>, and Christopher Nolan's <em>Batman</em> films. And here's why...
17/01/2012 09:37 GMT

Twitter's Opinion Problem

Twitter is an incredible conduit for listening to other people's thoughts on everything and anything, being a bit of a journalist/student/film fan, I'm up to date within seconds on plenty of film news or gossip, whether it gets denounced the next day or not.
11/01/2012 12:17 GMT