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Jenny Kleeman

Journalist, writer, documentary-maker

Jenny Kleeman is an award-winning journalist who tells thought-provoking stories you won’t have heard from anyone else.

Her documentaries and feature articles come from original journalism, and she’s travelled the world finding unusual characters and challenging subjects to turn into film and print.

Jenny is a regular face on Unreported World, Channel 4’s critically acclaimed foreign affairs documentary strand. It’s a job that’s taken her from the depths of the Amazon rainforest to the streets of Liberia’s slums.

She writes regular features for the Guardian, as well as the Sunday Times, the Times, the Independent, Broadcast, Monocle and Marie Claire magazines.

When she’s at home, Jenny’s often found reviewing the newspapers on Sky News and the BBC News Channel, or commentating on BBC Breakfast and Al Jazeera English.

Afghanistan's Filmmakers

Every morning before Saba Sahar leaves for work, she loads her pistol, says her prayers and kisses her family goodbye, knowing she might never see them again.
26/04/2012 22:21 BST

Honduras - Diving into Danger

The Miskito people of Honduras's legendary Mosquito Coast aren't being endangered by any infectious outbreak. They are being killed and left paralysed in their thousands because of the demand for affordable luxury in the US and Europe. Ever since multinational seafood suppliers started exporting Caribbean spiny lobster on an industrial scale, lobsters disappeared from the shallows. The divers now plunge as deep as 150ft, 12-15 times in day, scrambling on the sea bed for their catch with basic and often faulty equipment. With no air or depth gauge, they have no way of knowing how far they are diving, and can only tell if their tank is running low when it becomes difficult to breathe.
01/12/2011 22:17 GMT