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Jess Bovey

Mother | Blogger | Photographer

Jess is a 29-year-old mother of one (with another on the way) based in Wellington, New Zealand. She manages a social media agency by day, blogs by night, and is also a professional photographer. A self-proclaimed serial over-sharer, Jess will always say it how it is.


<img alt="mum bod" src="" width="300" height="35" /> I heard a quote the other day, "For every woman who hates her stretch marks there is a woman wishing she had them". It really got me thinking. Thinking about the new body I have. I am thankful everyday, don't get me wrong. The stretch marks a part of me now, a part I am yet to fully accept.
18/07/2017 15:06 BST

The Fourth Trimester

As if the three trimesters of pregnancy weren't enough, there's actually another one. Yes, the fourth trimester is an actual thing. Basically, it's the idea that the first three months of life are very much an extension of life in the womb for baby.
17/07/2017 13:53 BST

Wherefore Art Thou?

I love my kids, with all of my being. I hate that I always have to state this, it's a no-brainer - of course I love them but there is always one negative Nancy who is like, "well maybe you shouldn't have had kids", or some other shit comment that makes me backtrack to ensure I've ever implied that I don't love my kids.
10/07/2017 15:53 BST

The Truth About Pregnancy

If you had the perfect pregnancy and enjoyed every moment, I envy you. I turn into a total fucking psycho. Am a bawling mess one minute, completely irrational the next and then in fits of rage within seconds. Hormones, fucking hormones!
14/11/2016 14:34 GMT