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Josh Okungbaiye

Londoner with an MSc in Marketing and Management

I am a free-spirited Londoner with an MSc in Marketing and Management. I am also a painter, a poet and a blogger.

I love music, advertising, art and philosophy. Overall, I am an ideas man who aims to push new ideas to create new paradigms.

Ad Review: Lucozade - Last Men Standing

The advert is imbued with the spirit of competition. It presents Lucozade as the superior product and water as the inferior product. I must admit that the advert does make some pretty bold claims. For instance, it states that Lucozade is 'Better than Water.'
25/01/2013 15:23 GMT

Ad Review: Doritos - Mariachi Doritos Sing Stay Another Day

However, I think in order to take this campaign to the next level they could have at least tried to make the 'Stay Another Day' song a Christmas No. 1, perhaps it could compete with Gangnam Style and then we could watch this campaign transform into a different animal and watch history repeat itself.
18/12/2012 15:34 GMT

Ad Review: Morrisons - For Your Christmas

Although the advert does have some faults I still think it was well executed in terms of its messaging and aesthetic direction. Just remember that some of our mothers may be stressed out about Christmas, but at least they can find comfort in the fact that Mother's day is well on its way.
29/11/2012 12:17 GMT

Ad Review: Kia Soul - Bringing Down The House

Attempting to persuade an individual to buy a car by using a group of dancing hamsters is quite a tall order, but after seeing the Kia Soul advert created by David&Goliath (Los Angeles) a sudden personal desire for the product emerged
16/09/2012 22:11 BST

Ad Review: Nike - Game on, World

With the Olympics in full swing it comes as no surprise that the inner competitor within all of us is emerging. From my own experience I've been trying to improve the time on my 5k runs. The desire for improvement, particularly in sports should never stop.
07/08/2012 15:57 BST

Ad Review: Stella Artois - Cidre 'Cidre Duet'

Although Stella Artois' performance has proved to be positive there is still a lack of awareness of the Belgian cider (or cidre). Mother (not my mother, but an advertising agency) have confronted this problem by creating the Cidre 'Cidre Duet' campaign.
18/05/2012 15:51 BST