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Josh Smith

Researcher and developer at the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, part of Demos.

I work with Demos at applying machine learning and natural language processing technology to social research, alongside various ongoing web and software development projects, and a lot of playing around with things covered in wires.

What Social Media Tells Us About Young People's Attitudes To Politics

Young people value politics - 73% of those surveyed felt that it was important to be engaged in traditional Westminster politics - but only 37% felt that modern political discussion reflected the issues they felt were important. This disillusionment was reflected in their voting turnout in elections (56%) and party membership (7%).
14/09/2017 08:45 BST

Sensitive Content - The State of Racial Slurs on Twitter

Now, every social platform has its own internal universe of slang terms, in-jokes, unreadable acronyms and memes, and the rules of discourse on Twitter are not those of general conversation. This doesn't, however, mean that discussions on social media exist in an online bubble, isolated from the world, and language, at large.
28/09/2015 17:38 BST