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Marie-Louise Abretti

Broadband Expert at

Marie-Louise has worked in broadband comparison for more than five years, giving her a unique insight into consumer trends and issues as well as an expert understanding of the market. Her role at Top10 Broadband and means she has worked closely with broadband providers to help bring consumers the best possible deals. She is as passionate about broadband accessibility as she is about Mbps.

'Sorry Your Broadband Doesn't Work, That'll Be £190 Please'

Thousands of people are finding themselves locked into unsuitable contracts or hit by cancellation fees when they try to switch, mid-contract, in order to get a better service... Frankly, if you're not getting the service you signed up for, why on earth should you keep paying for it?
04/08/2014 17:05 BST

What's Worse Than a Tube Strike? Nuisance Phone Calls and Texts

Cold calls annoy the hell out of us, and we like automated messages and numerous unsolicited texts that we can't opt out of even less. Worst of the lot are nuisance calls and scams that swindle the elderly or vulnerable out of money. Frankly, despicable.
06/02/2014 13:22 GMT

Race Is on to Move Britain Into the Broadband Fast Lane

Let's face it, broadband speeds have always been a postcode lottery, condemning users to whatever speeds are available within their area. But our home broadband needs have greatly evolved since the days of dial-up, and broadband is now seen as the fourth utility.
27/01/2014 15:36 GMT

No One Has a Clue What They Pay for Mobile and Broadband

If you pay your monthly bills by direct debit, chances are you'll be guilty of rarely (to never!) checking how much leaves your account each month. You just pay it. And that means you probably haven't the foggiest whether you're paying for what you actually use.
17/10/2013 15:18 BST

Superfast Broadband on Planes? What About Here on the Ground First Please?

For those who have ever tried to use Wi-Fi on a plane or train, I've no doubt you'll be jumping around in the aisles at the mere suggestion of super-fast broadband on super-fast transport. That's if this page has even loaded of course. But what about those with their feet firmly on the ground?
03/09/2013 14:00 BST

Poor Web Education is Leaving Millions Out of Pocket

While access to the internet is one thing - the government is working to grant 90% of premises across the UK with broadband speeds of at least 2Mbps - education has been overlooked. We need better education so that consumers know about these costs and can make an informed decision.
12/08/2013 16:07 BST

Digital Isolation Plagues Those Who Need Internet Most

The internet isn't a privilege, it's an essential. Social housing tenants are less likely to own computers, and may see home broadband as a luxury spend. They may not possess the necessary skills to use the internet or hardware due to a lack of training, particularly if they have been out of work for a long time.
21/06/2013 13:14 BST

Broadband Contract End Dates - Why They Must Be Clearer

We've launched a campaign that will empower people and could help save them money. We want Ofcom to lean on broadband providers to send out reminders before contracts end - rather than keeping quiet and letting contracts roll over. Collectively, Brits are chucking £1.1billion down the drain each year by staying loyal.
02/06/2013 19:24 BST