Mik Scarlet Successful broadcaster, journalist and musician

“My life started after I ended up in a wheelchair in my mid teens. Although I didn't know it then I had started out on the road to a wonderful and enjoyable life that so far has been with excitement and wonder. Of course there have been dark times, from actually getting used to being a wheelchair user at the tender age of 15 to fighting off various illness and infections and ending most recently in more major spinal surgery to fix my second spinal injury after a road accident, but like most people I battled through, with the support of my family and loved ones, and eventually rebuilt my life anew. I know I have been lucky as not many disabled people get the opportunities to become a TV presenter, working on shows such as From The Edge for the BBC, Shows for Thames TV on ITV and the kids TV show Beat That with Channel 4 (that one won an Emmy and Bafta nomination and was acclaimed all over the world), singing and playing in rock bands and acting in shows like The Bill, 2.4 children and Brookside, where I was the first disabled actor to appear in a UK soap (way back in 1991). I am now married to the wonderful Diane, who nursed me through my last surgery, and when I'm not writing or broadcasting I spend a great deal of my time campaigning for equality for disabled people. To get the full story visit my website or follow what I'm doing on my Facebook page.”

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