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Nick Molho

Executive Director, Aldersgate Group

Nick is the executive director at the Aldersgate Group, an alliance of businesses, civil society organisations and cross-party politicians that drives action for a sustainable economy. Prior to this, Nick was the head of climate and energy policy at WWF-UK and also spent 6 years with city law firm CMS Cameron McKenna, working as an energy solicitor on a wide range of energy projects and climate change related issues. Nick has a First Class English Law and German Law degree from the University of Kent, where he specialised in Environmental Law. You can follow Nick on twitter on @NickMolho

UK Must Step Up a Gear in the Low-Carbon Race

Today's Progress Report from the Committee on Climate Change highlights that we are entering a critical phase in the UK's transition to a low-carbon economy. A lot has been achieved in recent years, from increased innovation in low-emission vehicles to the significant deployment and cost reductions of renewable energy technologies.
30/06/2015 10:28 BST

"It's the Environment, Stupid"

Any Government interested in the long-term resilience and success of its national economy should recognise this and incorporate ambitious environmental policies as part of its economic plan.
27/01/2015 16:04 GMT

Action on the Environment Is Too Important to Be Used as a Political Football

Once the Autumn Statement is out later this week, the momentum towards the upcoming General Election in the UK will be gathering pace. So far, the political and media discourse around the election has been marked by a certain amount of uncertainty and negativity about the future social and economic situation in the UK...
01/12/2014 16:47 GMT

Our Climate Goals Are an Economic Opportunity for the UK

Climate change policies have been a controversial area of UK politics for a number of years. Regular headline-grabbing claims on the impacts of these policies on energy bills have played their part in this. But equally problematic is the fact that a lot of the debate to date has centred on the upfront cost of low-carbon policies, with very little attention paid to understanding the broader economic impacts of reducing the UK's emissions.
10/09/2014 14:52 BST

Fourth Carbon Budget Review: What Is the Government Waiting For?

The government deserves some credit for having provided clarity on the funding available to renewable energy projects out to 2019. But delaying its acceptance of the Fourth Carbon Budget any longer is bad for business, consumers and the UK's energy security alike.
29/04/2014 13:26 BST

With or Without Fracking, Decarbonisation Remains the Best Bet for Britain

This week's announcements on fracking, including David Cameron's pledge to <em>"go all out on shale gas</em>", triggered yet another shale gas frenzy in the UK media. Yet, despite all the hype and the announcement of better benefits for communities hosting shale gas projects, nothing has fundamentally changed when it comes to the likely impacts of shale gas on the UK's energy market.
17/01/2014 10:31 GMT

Far From Having to 'Cost the Earth', Going Green Makes Business Sense

Going forward, the growth opportunity for the UK economy should not be underestimated. The UK is currently a leader in the development of new low-carbon technologies such as offshore wind, wave and tidal power, carbon capture and storage and electric cars to name a few. If seized upon, this position of leadership could provide significant macro-economic gains for the UK economy.
11/12/2013 12:30 GMT

Climate Action: Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

For the international community to seize this opportunity, key countries around the globe - including the UK - must support a political race to the top, by pro-actively backing strong action to reduce emissions both domestically and internationally.
02/09/2013 13:13 BST

Why the UK Should Adopt a 'Can Do' Attitude to Offshore Wind

With the publication this week of the Government's power sector delivery plan and the imminent release of its long-awaited industrial strategy for offshore wind, now is a good time to reflect on the potential costs and benefits of offshore wind.
17/07/2013 15:11 BST

The Energy Bill Must Live Up to a Strong EU Ambition

Members of Parliament have an important opportunity at Report Stage of the Energy Bill to ensure the Bill provides investors with the long-term volume and financial certainty they need if the UK is going to reduce its emissions quickly and cost-effectively
31/05/2013 09:24 BST

UK Energy - Are We Heading For a 2020 Cliff Edge?

For someone who claimed earlier this week that he was leading a government, which "was not afraid of taking tough decisions", it is high time for the prime minister to bring his government and party together in support of a stronger, better Energy Bill.
23/11/2012 13:42 GMT

Energy: Time for the PM to Get Off the Fence

It is high time for David Cameron, who made his support to the UK's green sector ever so clear back in 2006, to intervene and bring his government once and for all together in support of a strong Energy Bill. Inter-departmental politicking and coalition in-fighting have been features of the debate around energy within government in recent months, to the frustration of environmental groups, consumer bodies and industry alike.
07/11/2012 14:09 GMT

Supporting Renewable Energy is More Important Than Ever Before

Renewable energy has an urgent and substantial role to play in our energy supply. Yes, there are important initial costs that come with supporting them, but these costs are absolutely dwarfed by those the world economy will have to bear in trying to adapt to the worst impacts of climate change.
15/11/2011 23:47 GMT