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Saadia R. Chevel

Freelance journalist with a special interest in education, parenting and lifestyle

After years of strategizing and managing stakeholders within the industry, Saadia now enjoys the privilege of freelance writing. As a past lecturer and editor, she has focused on various themes. Her current interests are thought provocation via reflection in human interaction. Her acumen to read between the lines has often set the tone of yet another article.

Nine Most Common Lies People Tell And Why

Covering up for the dent that suddenly appeared in the car; sneaking out to a concert with friends under the pretence of a group study session or exaggerating about the number of celebrities you spotted during summer break in Los Angeles. Sounds familiar?
14/07/2017 12:07 BST

Five Types Of People You Reluctantly Overhear On Public Transport

Since I'm quite intrigued and amused by human interactions, I've no qualms about listening to other people's chats. In fact, there have been many instances where I've feigned ignorance by putting on my headphones but actually tuning in to a juicy narrative within hearing distance.
19/12/2016 13:29 GMT

If You Could Communicate Through a Hand Strap, a Mirror or a Ring - Would You?

Can you imagine a world where you don't need to touch your smart phone to: communicate with people, track the physical changes in your body or ask for help in case of an emergency? Technology has always been an intrinsic part of our society. Consequently, in today's world, the focus lies on how technology can be leveraged for positive social change.
06/07/2016 11:33 BST

Things You Would Never Imagine About Living in San Francisco

In my experience, there are some aspects of San Francisco which are hard to absorb but perhaps this is what renders the city as unconventional, mysterious and vibrant beyond belief. There is never a dull moment: whether you are strolling the streets, riding the trains or exploring the parks.
18/03/2016 19:39 GMT

Kidult Culture - Why Should I Act My Age, Not My Shoe Size?

Being young is no more defined by age but by lifestyle choices. There is a growing trend for adults to indulge in activities that awaken their inner child while they look for a conscious escape from the responsibilities of their mundane life.
24/04/2015 16:29 BST

Are You Afraid of Being Yourself?

We've been taught by our parents, teachers, friends, spouses, the media and others, that it's more important to be liked and to 'fit in' than it is to be who we truly are. Moreover, many of us assume that who we are is not good enough. As a result, we constantly struggle to fix ourselves or resort to imitate others who we 'think' are better than us.
16/05/2014 14:08 BST

Secrets - To Share or Not to Share?

Women have always been notorious for gossiping but if we explore the need to disclose information, it can be simply attributed to our DNA... the act of sharing increases levels of progesterone in women. Progesterone is a hormone that stimulates maternal feelings and social bonding.
18/09/2013 16:45 BST

Is Your Personality Making Life More Difficult for You? Whose Fault is it Anyway?

We live amidst a culture where we find it convenient to blame others for our problems, life situations, hardships, character flaws and just about everything else. Some of us even blame the recession for our extravagant spending habits and our luck for the bad choices we make in life. Blame shifters can be classified into four personalities:
22/07/2013 13:55 BST

What's on your Mind?

Today, we live in an era where it has become very socially acceptable to display one's life via social networks. The technology that was devised to meet the necessity for quick and efficient communication has been over-shadowed by the need to flaunt our lives, look important and boost our self-esteem.
31/03/2013 15:15 BST

Circus of the Future

Dralion is a celebration of life and the four elements that maintain the natural order: air, water, fire and earth.
25/02/2013 15:24 GMT

Homeschooling - Another Name for Helicopter Parenting?

School education is regimented by time constraints, issues of discipline and authority. Whereas, home education is tailored to the needs of the individual child. On the flip side of homeschooling, children's curriculum can be bound by their parent's own knowledge and life experience... The consequence of this may be limited access to work and life opportunities.
14/01/2013 17:32 GMT

How Airlines Can Improve Long-Haul Flights

When was the last time you got off a plane thinking, 'Wow, this is as good as it can get'? Cramped seating, unpalatable food and high levels of anxiety are just a few issues we face while travelling economy in long-haul flights.
09/01/2013 17:31 GMT