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Sarah O'Meara

Former Lifestyle Editor of The Huffington Post UK

Sarah O'Meara is the former Lifestyle Editor of The Huffington Post UK, where she wrote liberally and with abandon about women's issues, health and all things holistic. She now resides in Shanghai, where she likes fresh fish markets, cheap, three-hour flights to glorious places she hasn't visited yet and Szechuan peppercorns. She doesn't like not understanding Mandarin, crazy humidity and knowing that her friends and family are 12 hours away. Still.. at least the sun's out..

Why I Stopped Trying to Use Yoga to Cure Everything

Bodies are complicated systems, and they often break down. While we've all convinced ourselves we can fix our complaints with diet, meditation and f**k loads of yoga, the truth is, sometimes we can't.
07/01/2016 17:34 GMT

Why Going On Holiday With Your Family Takes A Lot Of Practise

When I found my father using a kitchen tray with an historic local map printed on it to plan the route of our next expedition rather than his car's GPS system, I gave up any illusion that this family holiday could be categorised as slick.
21/09/2015 16:22 BST

How Maternity Leave Can Destroy the Office Sisterhood​

Several friends recently forwarded me CEO Katharine Zaleski's blog on how poorly she treated working mothers before having one of her own. It was good to hear a woman admit her complicity in making women's lives a misery.
05/04/2015 20:32 BST

Eight Reasons to Take a Babymoon (Even If You Think You Don't Need One)

With one week to go before the due date of our first child, my husband and I have been walking round in a haze of fear and exhilaration. We regularly turn and gaze at each other with slightly frightened, portentous expressions, before one of us breaks the spell by saying: "Thank God we went to Thailand."
23/03/2015 17:25 GMT

What To Do When Your Obstetrician Is A Robot

We were talking about having a child, right? A cool thing. An episode that we all get to share. She as a professional expert, using her expertise and wisdom to help engineer a seamless birth. Us, as new parents, glowing with the opportunity to do this special project ever so well.
29/01/2015 16:05 GMT

Why China Is the Perfect Place to Avoid a Traditional Christmas

Here in our modern hotel in the mountains of Moganshan, there were no traces of the area's infamous colonial past that would have had white people served their traditional Christmas fare regardless of practicality, throughout the early 20th Century.
05/01/2015 11:57 GMT