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Scott Dodson

Current CGO at Lingvist, Scott has held C-level positions for two decades in Games, Fintech, Edtech, AI & machine learning.

About Scott Dodson, CGO, Lingvist

Scott is a mentor for top incubators including Microsoft Ventures & Emerge Education (London), and Techstars (Seattle, London, Berlin, NYC). He has held C-level positions for over two decades in Games, Fintech and Edtech and launched successful products worldwide on over a dozen platforms including The Spoils, Virgin Poker, Tropicana Casino, and Lingvist’s iOS & Android Apps.

Formerly a Professor of Game Design at Digipen Institute of Technology, he is an avid student of human motivation and the drivers of sustained engagement. His current passion is applied A.I. and machine learning. Since joining in August 2015, Lingvist has grown from 80K to 800K users, learning over a million words per day.

A.I.: The Invisible Revolution

According to the folk tale, a frog will remain in a pot of water, brought to a boil-as long as the water is heated slowly. While probably false, it provides an apt metaphor for adapting to phenomena which change incrementally over time
17/07/2017 15:31 BST