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Shy Keenan

UK's lead Anti-Victim Prejudice (AVP) consultant

Shy Keenan - Awarded victims advocate bestselling author UK's lead Anti-Victim Prejudice (AVP) consultant

Civilian PTSD and Me

Sara and I want to teach a brand new approach, a new PTSD thinking. We will be working with some of the very best in their professional fields, to help develop 'drug-free' civilian post traumatic stress disorder management tools and promote good Emotional Health Services.
23/11/2015 22:55 GMT

Outlaw Anti-Victim Prejudice #AVP

I start most conversation with most people...with them hoping I am lying ...we are the only victims who walk into the police station and have to start by proving we're not pre-assumed liars. Anti- Victim Prejudice or #AVP is when somebody/anybody uses the fact that you are victim of a pedophile crime to prejudicially discriminate against you in any way.
22/09/2014 18:42 BST

I Don't Believe in God... but I Do Believe in Good

The fact is that certain faiths are unwittingly helping the paedophiles to destroy their good work, good name and good future by letting these vile toxic beings dry hump their fear and good ethics this way. Time to be brave, stop keeping their secrets, cleanse them from your system and start again, you are completely worth it.
11/12/2013 17:44 GMT

Am I a Child Prostitute or a Prostituted Child?

I was sold for sex from a very early age by the adults in my life, I didn't want or like what they did but I was powerless to stop them, I couldn't comprehend any of the long-term lifelong problems it would cause... I just knew it was bad horrible and I wanted it to stop... The victims are viewed as ink on paper, dots on a screen, un-saveable lost souls with no rights, no voice and no choices. Pornography is a legitimate business that sells consenting adult sex. Child abuse images are crime scene photographs.
05/12/2013 17:41 GMT

Anti-Victim Prejudice

I do believe in the good and the bad in human beings who live in the here and the now, that if you're not at the table.. that the only way that bad people prevail is when good men and women do nothing, that the only way to stop it, is to find a way to tell and that the very best revenge is to survive and survive well.
28/11/2013 17:41 GMT