Tony Gray Expert bee keeper and founder of Adopt-a-hive

Interested in bees from an early age, Tony first learnt beekeeping from his uncle in the early 1960s, when as a small boy he came home (much to his parents apprehension) with a swarm of bees in a cardboard box on his push bike. After keeping bees on and off as a hobbyist until 1997 he then went to Ghana to work for a Non Government Organisation (NGO) where he became involved in teaching beekeeping to women’s groups and farmers. In 2000 he returned to the UK, went back into keeping bees and became a full time beekeeper. In 2006 he started Fragile Planet Ltd to sell beekeeping equipment. In 2009 he set up Adopt-a-hive to educate people about bees, to research and improve queen rearing and to increase the number of bee colonies in the UK.