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Vanessa Reed

Chief Executive of PRS Foundation

Since joining in 2008, Vanessa has re-positioned the Foundation as the UK’s most pioneering and effective funder of new music and talent development, significantly increasing resources for the music industry and launching a diverse range of new initiatives which respond to the needs of composers and songwriters of all backgrounds. Before joining the Foundation, Vanessa worked as an independent arts consultant, as Grants Manager at the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), in the Education and Culture Directorate of the European Commission (Brussels) and as Promotions Manager at the British Music Information Centre. Vanessa was selected as one of fifty ‘Women to Watch’ by the Cultural Leadership Programme in 2010. More recently Vanessa won the music category of the Hospital Club’s 100 Awards for UK creative industry influencers and was awarded a Fellowship by Leeds College of Music. Vanessa is Chair of Sound UK Arts and Board member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

Gender Equality in Music: The Beginnings of a New Movement Involving Men and Women

If all of this energy, wisdom and news about independent initiatives came from one room of people at a conference on a Friday afternoon, imagine what could be achieved if we could multiply this and connect it to every level of the industry and to those who make decisions nationally and internationally about funding and policy development.
15/06/2016 12:52 BST

What Composers Really Need

Isn't it time then to think about what composers really need to realise their potential? And, in spite of the wider financial challenges they face, could those who work with composers help by exploring how they might adapt their processes and understanding of what it takes to write a new piece of music?
25/02/2016 18:30 GMT

What a Difference a Day Makes... But Is it Enough for 3.6bn Women?

We also want to influence other funders and policymakers across the creative industries to consider pro-active ways to increase representation of women in their sector (women make up 13% of the UK's songwriters and composers, 7% of Film Directors, 11% of screenwriters, 4% of Music Producer Guild membership, 15% of UK games development industry. All shockingly low).
12/03/2015 17:23 GMT