Venetia Harpin Producer of Experiences, hipster goth, owner of one-eyed dog.

Venetia is a Creative Experience Producer, currently based in London.

Fond of blending the high-brow with the left-field, she takes inspiration from far-flung places, avant garde art, immersive theatre, accidental adventures, and surreal stuff that happens at 3am on a Friday night.

Originally from a strange small town called Leighton Buzzard, she cut her teeth in the music industry before realising it was, basically, awful. So she stopped being a surrogate parent to bands and started running around in muddy fields instead. Working in production at festivals, that is. Not just random muddy fields. That would be weird.

These days, using a process that combines creative strategy, theatrical techniques, event technology, and voodoo (only kidding on that last one!), she creates bespoke immersive experiences for brands and private clients.