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Vladimir Putin

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

1975, graduate, Law Department, Leningrad State University. 1975, with KGB Foreign Intelligence Service; Adviser to Rector, Leningrad State University; 1990, left KGB; Head, Mayor's External Relations Committee, St Petersburg; 1994, Deputy Mayor; Head, local branch, Our Home is Russia; 1996, resigned, moved to Moscow and Deputy Head, Management Department, Presidential Administration under P Borodin; 1997-98, Head, Main Controlling Department, Presidential Administration; 1998, Deputy Head, administration in charge of relations with regions; 1998, Director, FSB; 1998, Member, Security Council; 1999, Secretary, Security Council; 1999, Prime Minister; 2000-08, President; since May 2008, Prime Minister.

Being Strong: National Security Guarantees for Russia

Russia cannot rely on diplomatic and economic methods alone to resolve conflicts. Our country faces the task of sufficiently developing its military potential as part of a deterrence strategy. This is an indispensable condition for Russia to feel secure and for our partners to listen to our country's arguments. We have adopted and are implementing unprecedented programmes to develop our armed forces and modernise Russia's defence industry.
22/02/2012 22:49 GMT

Russia: The Ethnicity Issue

The mission of Russians has always been to unify and hold together their civilization through culture, language and global responsibility. This identity is based on maintaining a Russian culture that embraces not only ethnic Russians but anyone who identifies themselves as a Russian regardless of ethnic identity.
23/01/2012 22:48 GMT