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Yassin Alsalman

Musician, actor, Professor and author

Yassin "The Narcicyst" Alsalman is a leading Iraqi-Canadian musician, actor, University Professor and Author currently based in the UAE where he has founded a multi-media Arts and Music Label and Culture brand, The Medium.

'Tweets Is Watchin'

Facebook and twitter came at a pivotal time in history. The chicken or the egg theory can be applied here in asking: Did twitter and facebook help revolutions grow, or did they help track people involved in uprisings? (In both the case of the Arab uprisings and the Occupy movement.) I would say both.
17/03/2013 14:10 GMT

Quantum Leap: A Father's Faith

Times are different now. We are a distracted generation. The tension is rising in our nations, as it did during our parents generation. We have been witness to media wars, and wars through media.
23/10/2012 10:07 BST