Cancer Patient Documents Chemotherapy In A Positive Light With Movie-Themed Photo Series

She's showing cancer (and chemo) who's boss.

11/07/2016 11:19 BST

A woman with stage four colon cancer is single-handedly proving that chemotherapy doesn’t have to get you down.

Karen Walsh from New York has documented her chemo sessions on Instagram in a light-hearted photo series.

In each shot, the 40-year-old broadway actress and a group of pals are dressed up as either superheroes or the cast from popular films and TV shows.

She told The Huffington Post: “I really view this as a coping mechanism for myself.”

Walsh discovered she had cancer after visiting her doctor about stomach cramps.

She was told she had a primary tumour in her colon, as well as eight tumours in her liver and three in her lymph nodes.

Chemotherapy was her only treatment option.

Every fortnight the mum-of-two goes for a round of chemotherapy, which has so far helped to significantly shrink her tumours. 

As soon as treatment began, Walsh started sharing selfies on her Instagram page to let people keep up to date with her progress.

It wasn’t long before her selfies evolved into something more.  

Walsh and her friends have dressed up as superheroes...


As Rosie the Riveter(s)...

A photo posted by Karen Walsh (@kwrandthebigwin) on


As Charlie’s Angels...

A photo posted by Karen Walsh (@kwrandthebigwin) on


As the Game Of Thrones cast...

A photo posted by Karen Walsh (@kwrandthebigwin) on


As Forrest Gump...

A photo posted by Karen Walsh (@kwrandthebigwin) on


As Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters...

A photo posted by Karen Walsh (@kwrandthebigwin) on


As boxers... 

A photo posted by Karen Walsh (@kwrandthebigwin) on


And as Star Wars characters...


Her photos are full of energy... 


And prove that with a hearty dose of humour, you can fight cancer and still enjoy life. 

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