photo series

From sunsets to bumblebees, they show natural beauty at its finest.
From homeschooling to endless walks, our lockdown photo album shares readers' standout memories from the past 12 months.
Dr Matthew Jones took photos of colleagues treating critically ill patients at a hospital in Middlesbrough during the coronavirus pandemic.
Photographer Simon Dawson took photos of people's first haircut since March at two London salons.
The powerful photos of doctors, nurses, porters and other staff have been unveiled to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the NHS.
Photographer Elisabeth Van Aalderen was inspired to create the series when a girl complimented the pale patches on her skin, describing them as a “unique tattoo”.
The photos are designed to promote The Great British Beach Clean, and show women swimming among plastic bags, bottles, cutlery, balloons and glitter.
A new Fujifilm exhibition celebrates what matters most to millennials … and there’s not an avocado in sight.