Helen Skelton has spoken out about the stress of being a mother after her son was banned from playgroup.

The 33-year-old tweeted in January 2017 about her one-year-old son Ernie being asked to leave nursery in France after he had a tantrum.

Speaking about the event, she told The Mirror: “I had loads of women message me and say: ‘That exact thing happened to me’.

“That’s so nice as we’re all under pressure to be amazing mums. If my tweet made one stressed out mum somewhere say, ‘Thank God, it’s not just me’, then that’s amazing.” 

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At the time, Skelton tweeted a photo of her son asleep in the car behind her with the caption: “Worst day of my parenting life. Asked to leave [playgroup] after 20 mins.

“Screamed the place down screaming his version of ‘Mama let’s go!’ constantly.” 

Skelton was inundated with support on Twitter, from her fans who are parents reminding her it will get better.  

Skelton said that receiving support from other parents on Twitter was a huge “reassurance” for her as a mum.

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