Parent Voices

“When it happens you are faced with the unknown – or worse, tiny bits of information you've garnered from films or books."
Co-sleeping guidelines differ between the US and UK but – let's get real – many parents do bed-share with their babies.
"Did I get a piercing? No, it was my teething toddler that bit me in the middle of the night."
"My car was making annoying squeaky noises, it stopped once I dropped off the kids"
“'This is not what I meant by sharing' I yell at my kids after catching the fifth cold of the school year."
"No one wants to take medicine more than the healthy sibling of a sick kid."
"My toddler insisted he had to take off all his clothes to go into the 'dressing' room. Solid logic, really."
"No one has more s**t on their to-do list than a kid who’s just been told it’s bedtime."
I thought I was the only one. But the truth is that there are thousands of us united by a loss no one else can quite understand.