Parent Voices

Birth Diaries: "My midwife and I were holding hands doing squats together. It was like a workout!"
To protect her, we confined ourselves to one room where we eat, drink, live and sleep.
"We have a moral duty to call out unacceptable behaviour when we see it, or risk being complicit."
I thought I was the only one. But the truth is that there are thousands of us united by a loss no one else can quite understand.
George Floyd’s murderer faces prison. But with yet more police shootings, Black parents like me are still filled with the anxiety of raising Black sons in America.
While I struggled with the denouncement of books like ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ I also found myself experiencing an awakening.
It wasn’t until the onset of Covid-19 that it became apparent most of my new friends were either Trump supporters and/or entangled in QAnon conspiracy theories.
After Fred died, we weren’t forced to watch the world carry on as normal with their happy carefree lives.
I opened myself to loving my race, loving my identity, loving a massive part of me. I thought I had laid that internal struggle to bed – until I gave birth to Luna
Before coronavirus turned the whole world upside down, our family’s world turned upside down when Amelie was diagnosed with cancer at just six.