'Taboo' Star Jessie Buckley: From 'I'd Do Anything' To 'War And Peace', 9 Facts In 90 Seconds

One to watch in 2017.

13/01/2017 16:08

To say it’s been a good year for Jessie Buckley would be something of an understatement. The County Kerry-born actress has gone from stealing the show in period epic ‘War and Peace’ to co-starring with Tom Hardy in new primetime shocker ‘Taboo’.

Now, as her latest role sees her co-starring with Tom Hardy in primetime shocker ‘Taboo’, Jessie sat down with Huffington Post UK for a chat…

On her character Lorna Bow in ‘Taboo’...

She’s an actress in the 19th century. She’s a bit of a chess player, metaphorically speaking. She’s also the underdog, but I like the fact she has a rebellious voice. She has intelligence and charisma. 

Jessie as Lorna Bow in 'Taboo'


On taking on another period role, on the back of ‘War and Peace’...

So far that’s what’s come my way, but it’s really all about character, not the era. But I’ve just done a film called ‘Beast’, so I do get to flex my contemporary muscles. 

On her breakthrough moment performing in the TV musical talent show ‘I’d Do Anything’, in which she came second to Jodie Prenger in 2008...

It wold have been great to win, but things happen for a reason. I don’t hold grudges. 

On braving the cold of Lithuania for Andrew Davies’ adaptation of ’War and Peace’ (playing the sister of her off-screen squeeze James Norton)

I loved it, I do love being away on location. But, yes, cold. 

Jessie with 'War and Peace' co-star James Norton


On playing ‘plain and pious’ Marya Bolkonskaya when everyone else on screen got to dress up in Russian pre-Revolution finery...

I loved her. She had a unique, sensitive soul. I prefer playing those characters. I don’t like playing too pretty. 

On which she’d choose, if it ever came down to singing or acting…

I genuinely love them both. Singing is still something I’d love to do. 

On experiencing Tom Hardy’s fame second-hand...

I’d find it terrifying. I shake like a goat on red carpets. But he’s incredibly generous. And a maverick in what he does, and the choices he makes, and what he’s done for film and TV. There’s a unique vibe about him. 

On Stephen Sondheim, the man behind ‘A Little Night Music’, which Jessie performed in, soon after her almost triumph in ‘I’d Do Anything’...

I did get to meet him, but I can’t say I know him. However, I think he’s extraordinary. He’s redefined what’s possible in a musical. 

On who is the most charismatic person she’s ever met…

My dad. 

‘Taboo’ continues on Saturday at 9.15pm on BBC One. 

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