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Tom Hardy's ‘Taboo’ Series: Everything You Need To Know About The New BBC Drama

We are so ready.

Ever get the feeling life is missing a little something? That something being Tom Hardy?

We know it well - and the BBC is here to save the day.

The Hollywood star is swapping the silver screen for the small screen, and his new show ‘Taboo’ will debut on BBC One on Saturday (7 January).

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Tom Hardy 

While the exact details of what the show will include are still shrouded in mystery, we do a number of things about the period drama, which the actor himself has described as being “like Marmite”.

Here’s everything we can tell you about it so far…

1. Tom plays adventurer James Keziah Delaney

‘Taboo’ is set in 1814, when the lead character returns from America to England, after the death of his dad, with 14 stolen diamonds in his pocket.

Describing his character during an interview with The Independent, Tom said: “He’s heinous. He’s not just a bad boy roaring into town on a Harley-Davidson.

“James Delaney’s character has a lot of black, dark matter, and the material goes to a lot of places that aren’t pleasant. Which makes sense, really – why else call it ‘Taboo’?”

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Tom is returning to the small screen 

2. Tom’s dad, Chips, helped to create the show

The actor had his dream role in mind for a long time. The problem was, it didn’t exist yet. This is where his father, writer Edward ‘Chips’ Hardy came in.

“We both wanted to work together on a TV drama, so I went off to build context and themes around his character brief,” Chips told The Telegraph. “It soon became obvious that the arena and the title should be ‘Taboo’.”

Tom then took the character they had worked on to ‘Peaky Blinders’ creator Steven Knight, who penned the script. 

3. Don’t expect anything like ‘Downton Abbey’

Yes, ‘Taboo’ is a period drama, but if you’re expecting clipped conversations and dinner parties, think again. This is going to be very different.

Addressing the fact the show doesn’t exactly tally with most people’s conceptions of a period drama, Tom said (via Digital Spy): “It’s the period drama that I desire to watch. People might not like this - so accept that, and push that.

“People will either like it or hate it, but it won’t be middle of the road. Either it’s going to go well, or it’s going to go really fucking badly. But it was an effort made in the right pursuit, I believe.”

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Jessie Buckley stars as Lorna Bow 

4. Tom isn’t the only Oscar-nominated star involved

Hollywood heavyweight Ridley Scott is the series’ executive producer.

5. But ‘Taboo’ will introduce new stars too

Spoken word artist Scroobius Pip will be well-known to many music fans as one half of ‘Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip’, but he’s now trying his hand at acting.

His performance as French Bull will be Pip’s second major TV role.

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6. And yes, that’s Doug from ‘House Of Cards’ in the trailer

Dastardly deeds really do suit him, don’t they?

7. It will air on Saturday nights

There are eight episodes, and the first is being aired at 9.15pm on 7 January. Cancel all plans and bail on your friends. They’ll understand, we promise.

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