Kurupt FM Could Be Set For Global Fame In ‘People Just Do Nothing’ Film

'Heart Monitor Riddem' may finally get the recognition it deserves.

31/05/2017 10:55

Fresh from their success at the TV BAFTAs, the Kurupt FM crew has revealed plans for even bigger things, explaining that a ‘People Just Do Nothing’ film could be in the works.

The mockumentary series has come a long way since being launched on YouTube, and last year’s third series was so popular that it aired on BBC Two after being released online via BBC Three.

BBC Pictures
This needs to happen.

The cast also writes the series, and Steve Stamp - who appears as the lovable yet troubled Steves - has opened up about what’s next.

The cast got a shock at the 2017 TV BAFTAs, when ‘People Just Do Nothing’ was crowned Best Scripted Comedy, beating ‘Fleabag’ to the prize.

“I thought I’d still be signing on, so big up to everyone that helps us out,” Huge Chegwin (DJ Beats) told the audience as they accepted their prize. “Big up the Job Centre for giving us the inspiration.”

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