Hangry Man Leaves Passive Aggressive Note For Office Thief Who Stole His Ham

The thief's response is heartless.

09/11/2016 14:47 GMT
Monkey Business Images via Getty Images

When you’re feeling hungry there’s nothing worse than finding a colleague has nabbed your lunch from the fridge.

This happened to an unfortunate soul named Wayne recently, who refused to let the crime go undocumented.

He publicly shamed the sticky-fingered individual by leaving a passive aggressive sign for all to see.

The note, which was posted on Reddit by user samjaco, read: “To whoever ate the ham out of the fridge yesterday, please leave a note letting me know how it was. Thx, Wayne.”

The thief responded, rating the ham 6/10 and complaining it was a “little salty”, but they withheld their name. 

The cheek!

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