These Magical Tights Will Turn You Into A Mermaid

7 pairs you need in your life right now.

22/06/2016 12:28

Always wished you could become a mermaid? These hosiery designers are about to make your wildest dreams come true.

A number of Etsy sellers are catering to mermaid-lovers' needs by creating a range of tights and leggings designed to look like a mermaid's tail.

From secret silicone scales on tights, to shimmering yoga leggings, take a look at these magical styles.

  • Etsy
    Mermaid Tights with handmade silicone scales on thigh, £49 from
  • Etsy
    Green mermaid leggings, £53 from
  • Etsy
    Mermaid scale tattoo tights, £20 from
  • Etsy
    Electric mermaid fish scale yoga leggings, £28 from
  • Etsy
    Mermaid tail tights, £8 from
  • Etsy
    Mermaid yoga leggings, £13 from
  • Etsy
    Mermaid tattoo tights, £12 from

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