What To Do At Midnight On NYE When You've Got Nobody To Kiss

Hide in the toilet.

29/12/2016 10:08

It’s a bizarre New Year’s tradition, but one we all feel duly obliged to take part in anyway - the midnight kiss.

When you hear Big Ben strike 12, you have to grab the nearest human and pucker up. 

But in case you find yourself feeling a little lonesome, here are 10 things to do instead. 

1. Hide in the toilet. 

 “Oh no. Did I miss midnight?!?!’ 

2. Check your phone. 

*Definitely an important email here somewhere* 

3. Call your mum. 

She is contractually obliged to support you through this loneliness.  

4. Stuff your face.

No one can kiss you with a mouth full of food. 

5. Take a strategic power nap. 

The energy burst will mean you can stay up all night. 

6. Shots, shots, shots. 

A round of shots means no one is kissing anyone. 

7. Kiss a pet. 

There’s always a cat or dog at a house party.

8. Go for a hug.

The platonic alternative to a kiss. 

9. Wave your arms in the air. 

’Tis the season to be celebrating.  

10. Count all the kisses you’ve had in the last 365 days. 

That’ll keep you busy till 12.01. 

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