‘The Jump’ Reignites Gareth Thomas's Rivalry With Jason Robinson

The controversial reality TV show returns in February.

27/01/2017 12:27

‘The Jump’ will be back on our screens next week, and viewers can look forward to seeing a friendly rivalry between former rugby stars Gareth Thomas and Jason Robinson.

Welsh player Gareth has admitted that he’s excited at the prospect of going up against his “nemesis”, ex-England captain Jason, on the reality show.

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Gareth Thomas and Jason Robinson

If Gareth thinks he’s on track for an easy win, he’ll be in with a shock though, as Jason has also offered some fighting talk.

Many fans were surprised to hear that ‘The Jump’ is returning for 2017, given the amount of injuries last year’s celebrities suffered.

However, Tom Parker - who took part in 2016 - has defended Channel 4’s decision to air another series, insisting that the stars taking part all know what they’ve signed up for.

‘The Jump’ returns on Sunday 5 February.

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