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Rachel Stevens is the latest contestant to suffer an injury during training.
Jonathan Van Ness and Gareth Thomas have opened up about their diagnoses. Two HuffPost UK readers reveal how they told friends and family of their own news.
Our entertainment team chat about the ongoing fascination with the Beckhams. We celebrate 25 years of Friends with a guest star quiz. Plus the team pay tribute to Gareth Thomas for breaking down the stigma of HIV, but there's less praise for Madonna after she kept her fans waiting for two hours on her Madame X tour.
No, it doesn't just affect gay men.
"I can never get that moment back," the former Wales captain said in a new interview.
Despite enormous medical progress on HIV, people like me are still shunned and rejected. We all deserve to live without fear of violence, scorn or blackmail, writes Matthew Hodson
Prince Harry also condemned the "appalling" way the sportsman had been forced to "speak his truth".
The former Wales rugby captain was met with huge applause from the crowd at the finish line as he smashed the challenge.
The former Wales captain spoke about his condition for the first time in an emotional video he posted on Twitter.
I'm not suggesting that homophobia in football has completely dissipated and doesn't exist at all; such claims would be short-sighted and naïve. But despite the claims made by Thomas in this flawed documentary, the overwhelming body of available evidence suggests that English football has moved on from its past homophobia, and has never been more ready for another openly gay player.
Gareth Thomas is the latest celebrity to make an early departure from the ‘The Jump’. The former professional rugby player
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The Welsh actor died from heart failure.