Virgin Train Delayed After Worker Gets Hand Stuck In Coffee Machine

Leaves? Nope.

16/09/2016 12:27
A Virgin train from Rugby to London was delayed after a worker got their hand stuck in a coffee machine

If you boarded a train this morning there’s a good chance your journey went a little something like this...

Thunderstorms, torrential rain and the subsequent flooding caused major disruption to the rail network in the south of the country.

Steve Parsons/PA Wire
Workers at the landslip near Watford Junction station which caused a train to be derailed Friday morning.

As annoying as that may be though, spare a thought for those aboard a Virgin Trains from Rugby to London on Thursday morning.

To add to their embarrassment, colleagues were unable to help and the fire service were called.

The worker was eventually freed, but only after hydraulic cutting equipment was used to untangle them from their appliance-based nightmare.

The unfortunate individual was taken to hospital with cuts to their hand.

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