Flawless Woman Confronts Cheating Boyfriend In Restaurant, Fellow Diner Live Tweets The Whole Thing

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02/05/2017 10:00

Dining alone can be a bit of a bore, but Ashe Dryden’s meal took an eventful turn when she realised she was sat next to a couple in the midst of a breakup.

Dryden was having lunch in her hotel restaurant in Toronto, Canada, when she overheard another diner confronting her boyfriend about cheating.

Dryden immediately told her followers.


The girl handled the situation like a pro...

And won everyone’s heart when she ordered dessert.

The guy had zero excuses ready...


And the girl made him realise what a fool he’d been.

Dryden made sure she didn’t miss out on the action...

And the girl just kept laying into him...


And again...

And again.

They walked to the exit together. 

Now that’s how to handle a cheater. Read the full thread of Dryden’s tweets here. 

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