Ten Alternative Milestone Cards For Babies

13/10/2016 16:31

Following on from this post I thought I would share with you the alternative milestone cards I wish I had made. At least the baby might actually have a chance of hitting these ones.

Milestone Cards, if you haven't seen them, are given to baby to hold when they learn to sit, stand and get a tooth, before taking a proud photo for the album. They actually make a lovely gift for an expectant parent, however it would have to be one more organised and observant than myself.

1) Today I did a poo so explosive it required a full outfit change

Usually achieved within days of birth. The baby achieved this milestone during a visit to the zoo at a week or so old. He happened to be feeding at the time, covering me too. Result!

2) Today I was sick in my mum or dad's mouth

NEVER play aeroplanes with a baby that has just been fed. You think I'd learn, right?

3) Today I rolled off the bed