Top Tips for Decorating Your Home This Christmas

18/12/2012 22:29 GMT | Updated 17/02/2013 10:12 GMT

The ice-rinks are bustling, the Christmas lights are up and judging by the cold snap that hit London last week, the snow may be fast approaching! Christmas has officially arrived and now is the season to allow your home to become your own creative playground.

Decorating your home at Christmas is a great way to allow your personality to shine and demonstrate what your own personal Christmas is going to be about - I once made a display from candy canes, chestnuts and holly - something really fun and quirky, yet it fitted in with my Christmas and decorations perfectly!

Being warm and cosy in the comfort of your own home is essential over the festive period, so my top advice is to always keep this in mind whilst thinking about and setting up new Christmas displays around the house. Luxurious throws and cushions on the bed and sofas will help give the space that cosy, winter feel. The textures such as faux fur and deep velvets, cashmere and wools are great.

One of the main things I also associate with Christmas is scents and fragrance. For me, the addition of a scented Christmas candle to the home is vital. Placing them throughout the house constantly reminds us what time of year it is.

Decorating the tree is the most important part. Last week I hosted a competition on my Twitter asking to see everyone own trees in search of my 'Top Taupe Trees' to be published on my blog. I've loved seeing all your own trees, they are a great way really let your personality shine. Personally, I tend to keep it light and simple, with my Christmas colours being silver and white and lots of fairy lights, to give it that extra special Christmas twinkle. Why not also add pussy willow to all the branches? This is a gorgeous way to make it fan out.

Remember, fairy lights aren't just for your Christmas tree. You can use this lighting to create different atmospheres in different rooms. Perhaps drape them across a mantelpiece, or wrap them around old urns or statues for a subtle but effective look. Great Christmas accessories and displays like these are a must for around the house!

Another great arrangement is to fill large glass vases with baubles, I usually do this in colour co-ordination with my tree! These look great especially when displayed in rows. Toast have some great vintage old baubles or you can pick up some cool decorations in places like Ikea.

Although I love all the traditional decorations around Christmas, I also like to add a modern spin on things. In the past, I have painted holly and berries white and added them to a bowl of coloured baubles. This is very eye-catching; as it is something unique, so don't be afraid to try something new!

Finally, the dining table! Lunch is an iconic part of Christmas day for us all so it's essential you get your table decorations exactly how you want them. A great table piece idea is to place a row of oversized witches balls (you can them at Columbia Road markets) foliage, apples, oranges, waxed roses and holly placed down the centre of the dining table. This is effortless yet creates a high-impact look.

When you are sitting down to eat Christmas dinner, you want your guest to feel as though they are in an enchanted Christmas home. Use big bold accessories on the dining table to help create this atmosphere. I use big chunky napkin rings on simple linen napkins or a large centrepiece for the table. If you don't have space to put up all your Christmas cards, get a big bowl and throw them all in it!

However you spend your Christmas make sure you're home reflects it, let your creativity really shine and don't be afraid to really showcase what Christmas is about for you. I wish you all the warmest for this festive season and many happy returns for the New Year.