The Stages Of Pregnancy In GIFS

09/11/2016 15:32

I'm O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D with the new thing that is GIFS (prob not new, I'm always late to the party)! I've wasted most of my day actually LOLing at GIFS.

They have addictive properties, tiny punches of feel good that draw you in.

So I thought, as I've wasted a shed load of time essentially killing off brain cells watching GIFS it's about time I got some work done!

As a doula, my work involves pregnancy and birth, so I'v decided to merge my two favourite things.

I bring to you the stages of pregnancy being played out in the form of GIFS

You are welcome!!

1. The Deed

2. When you make the announcement

3. When you realise that you're created a whole new person

4. When you become obsessed with checking your bump for growth

5. When you realise you're now on the wagon

6. When you feel your baby moving independently of you

7. When strangers randomly touch your bump

8. When people feel they can get all up in your face with their lame ass advice

9. When your bump game gets strong

10. When you get your birth prep on

11. When your support network believes in you

And finally....this moment <3 ="">

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