If you've embarked on the journey of plant ownership, these tweets will resonate.
"Yes, autocorrect. By all means, let’s size the day."
"The light at the end of the terrible two tunnel is the headlight of an oncoming train called the threenager."
Twitter users have found humour in the nightmare of multilevel marketing companies.
"My three-year-old son just asked me, 'Can you take me to the Vampire State Building?'"
On his show Wednesday night, Conan O’Brien revealed the “iPhone Basic.” It doesn’t have any buttons or ports or even a screen. It’s just a metallic paperweight. And that’s what makes it the best iPhone for you!
If, like me, you are so tied to the school year that September feels more like a new beginning than January, you may be feeling like now is the time to get into those good school/parent/life habits. Here is the list of (some of) my good intentions:
Fancy dress aside, as a day/night spectacle it was a cool, vibrant mix of watching a great sport under the delicious glow of floodlights. We didn't quite see a full day's play as is the continuing downward spiral of the current West Indies team. It was over just as the congas were beginning, the floodlights were at full pelt and Trump had addressed the crowd.