We Need A Museum Of Homophobia

Sam Burt | Posted 22.09.2017 | UK
Sam Burt

A gay museum for London with a dedicated exhibition of cultural homophobia would help to fill the gaps. Unlike recent curations, this would track expressions of homophobia in the mass media - the media that are most relevant to ordinary LGBT people's daily lives.

Coming Out At School Was The Most Profound Experience Of My Life

Shaun Dellenty | Posted 11.09.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Shaun Dellenty

I feel privileged to witness the positive impact my work has had upon individuals, upon schools and through advising on policy, upon the education system itself. Coming out to a whole school community was indeed the most profound thing I have ever done. We carry on with hope in our hearts, the battle for real equality is only just beginning. Authentic identity should never be a privilege.

Why We Need LGBT Football Teams - And Why We Don't

Steve Wardlaw | Posted 07.09.2017 | UK Sport
Steve Wardlaw

They don't deny that there are still incidents of homophobia all too frequently, and that more could be done at the top levels to set examples and to punish. For example, the 'kick it out' campaign seems less energised than when it was just about racism. However, every Sunday (and every Tuesday evenings for training) the Falcons players are showing that their love of the game, and their love of playing, does not diminish because they are gay, bi, or straight allies.

It's Time To Stop Presuming That Same-Sex Couples Are 'Just Friends'

Charlie Smith | Posted 31.08.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Charlie Smith

Can you remember the last time that your female friend referred to her partner using male pronouns (he/him) and somebody presumed that they were talking about 'their friend' or 'their family member'. I know I certainly can't. So, why is it acceptable to presume that my partner is simply a 'friend' or a 'family member'?

Gay Men In Football - Why Aren't Rainbow Laces Enough?

Steve Wardlaw | Posted 29.08.2017 | UK Sport
Steve Wardlaw

Football is a great and glorious sport that can be both exhilarating and crushing at the same time. The sport itself can be dogged in controversy from time to time (World Cup anyone?) yet it has the power to unite and lead. It should be better at leading on the issue of gay players in professional football.

The Dangerous 'Gay Men Are Misogynists' Movement

Charles Donovan | Posted 25.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Charles Donovan

I grew up bombarded by negative gay stereotypes. They came at me from every angle - the press (particularly the right-wing press), the church, my teachers and elders and my peer groups. No one said a single positive or even neutral thing about gay people, reserving their most pestilential venom for gay men in particular.

Our Education Systems Must Explore Human Prejudice From The Very Beginning

Shaun Dellenty | Posted 21.08.2017 | UK
Shaun Dellenty

A new academic year! An exciting time ripe with possibilities and promise. It is vital that schools get these all important first days in our educatio...

Chants In Charlottesville: 'Fags Go Home'

Krishen Samuel | Posted 18.08.2017 | UK
Krishen Samuel

Embed from Getty Images'Fags go home, you have no testosterone...' - chant heard at the Charlottesville Rally, 12th August 2017. The past week has ...

The Pride Flag Has No Grey

Elizabeth McGregor | Posted 15.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Elizabeth McGregor

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales. That wasn't so long ago. Not so long ago it was a crime to be gay. Not so long ago people couldn't bear to acknowledge it to family, friends, society, even themselves. And here we were on the streets of Brighton, lovers openly embracing, revellers adorned in whatever the hell they liked, and there was nothing but love.

Royal Ramblings Meets Dalton Castle On The Road To The Ring Of Honor UK Tour

Danny Stone | Posted 07.08.2017 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

Fit, fun and fabulous, Dalton Castle is one of Ring of Honor's MVP's. This hugely entertaining, technically gifted performer had the crowds enthralled last time he graced us with his presence in the UK.

Hope, Not Hate - The Time Is Right For Openly Gay Footballers

Rory Magrath | Posted 01.08.2017 | UK Sport
Rory Magrath

I'm not suggesting that homophobia in football has completely dissipated and doesn't exist at all; such claims would be short-sighted and naïve. But despite the claims made by Thomas in this flawed documentary, the overwhelming body of available evidence suggests that English football has moved on from its past homophobia, and has never been more ready for another openly gay player.

Why Gay Men Who Share Their Stories Are All Heroes

Matt Cain | Posted 03.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Matt Cain

As I've recorded the series, it's struck me how outrageous it is that, for the most part, my guests' stories - and the stories of so many other gay men like them - still haven't been told. For such a long time, gay men were absent from British literature, film, TV and theatre.

Little Stories Of Illegal Love And Survival In Jamaica

Anastasia Kyriacou | Posted 19.06.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Anastasia Kyriacou

Sometimes it is the stories you hear of people who you know the least about, who you are furthest connected to, that touch you the most deeply; suffering or tragedy of another that makes you pause momentarily- and alters your sense of perspective thereon. This handful of little stories shared by LGBT+ Jamaicans exposes their struggle to live, love and be treated equally in a homophobic homeland, and sheds light on the key to survival that strings them together.

Will Katy Perry Ever Not Be Problematic?

Philip Ellis | Posted 13.06.2017 | UK Entertainment
Philip Ellis

That was nearly a decade ago. Since then we've seen Katy in Egyptian drag, Katy in cornrows, Katy as a geisha -- all to add colour, flair and kitsch value to her material. "I didn't know that I did it wrong until I heard people saying that I did it wrong," she says, softly, in her interview with Deray, "I may never understand... but I can educate myself, and that's what I'm trying to do along the way."

Football - Unlikely Ally For LGBTQI Rights?

Kat Craig | Posted 17.05.2017 | UK Sport
Kat Craig

Football could become the unorthodox but fertile ground for the struggle for LGBTQI rights. The huge platforms of top players, and the mass reach of fans, have the potential to shape the views of the current and next generation, on and off the pitch.

Men Tell Sexist Or Homophobic Jokes Because They 'Feel Their Masculinity Is Being Threatened'

The Huffington Post | Rachel Moss | Posted 21.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle

A study has confirmed what we guessed all along: men who crack sexist or homophobic jokes are insecure about themselves. According to new research, s...

Am I A Feminist?

Sophie Farrow | Posted 03.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Sophie Farrow

Do I burn my bras? Nah! Do I go out walking the streets for equal pay for men and women in the work place? Nope! But not through not wanting to, from life swallowing me up. But do I have a voice when I am standing up for what I believe in? Hell, yes, I do!

Homophobia In The British School System

Timothy Graves | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK
Timothy Graves

As we approach LGBT history month and also prepare to mark the 50th anniversary of the first LGBT rights legislation - the partial decriminalisation of gay sex - we need to ensure in schools that we build on the work Stonewall has achieved with its highly successful campaign against homophobic bullying.

Retirement? No Thanks. I Plan To Carry On Campaigning For Another 30 Years

Peter Tatchell | Posted 25.01.2017 | UK
Peter Tatchell

I turn 65 on Wednesday. This year I celebrate 50 years of human rights activism. Retirement hasn't entered my head. There is still so much to do. The brain and eye damage from bashings by Mugabe's thugs and Moscow neo-Nazis is minor and doesn't stop me. I carry on. My plan is to keep going for another 30 years.

After The Women's March, Our Need For Solidarity Is Stronger Than Ever

Phoebe Cleghorn | Posted 23.01.2017 | UK
Phoebe Cleghorn

The motivations of the Women's Marches were not as simple as they may have looked on paper. Some marched for reproductive rights, some in response to Islamophobia. Women marched so that their voices may be heard, though each voice said something different. This said, it's important to remember that these differences need not separate us. Positive movements such as feminism should, ideally, display no barriers between race, background, belief or sexuality, but rather solidarity amongst the diversities that define us.

When The Hamster Trumped George Michael

Joshua Hepple | Posted 30.12.2016 | UK Entertainment
Joshua Hepple

Trump and Hammond do not operate in a vacuum and are very much responding to the public. Trump knows what his supporters want to hear and he gives them it. Hammond and his cronies apply the same formula. The world will always have individuals who are not the best or most diverse.

The Age Of Acceptance: Why We Are Witnessing An Incredible Revolution In Attitudes To Homosexuality

Ben Wardle | Posted 30.12.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Ben Wardle

It's believed that around one in 10 people are gay. That's three children in the average school classroom; three children who are from all different backgrounds and with all different interests - it may be football, it may be fashion - and these young people deserve nothing less than complete acceptance, inclusion and love.

No, We Don't Fancy All The Ladies

Joy Muhammad | Posted 19.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Joy Muhammad

I am bisexual. That means I like individuals of the same gender and other. It does not mean I am into threesomes or anthills of orgies. Not all of us like to share. We can still use the same restroom, I have no interest in breaking down cubicle doors nor getting turned on to the sounds of a woman grunting while she takes a dump.

Three Top Footballers In Talks With FA About Coming Out, Says MP

The Huffington Post | Martha Gill | Posted 15.12.2016 | UK Politics

Three footballers are speaking with the Football Association (FA) about coming out as gay, an MP has revealed. The SNP’s John Nicholson made the re...

The Isle of Wight Needs Pride, Not Homophobia

Steve Taylor | Posted 12.12.2016 | UK
Steve Taylor

You'd think, six months on from the Pulse nightclub massacre in Florida, that even the most ignorant person would have a greater awareness of the hatred still faced by the LGBT+ community. Sadly, a columnist on a British regional newspaper has disproved that theory with a vengeance.