Sophy Ridge Calls Out Leader Of Scottish Tories For Party's Hypocritical Criticism Of SNP

High turnover within the party's leadership and no public mandate? Sounds familiar...
Sophy Ridge skewered Douglas Ross on Sky News over the Tories' own leadership turnover
Sophy Ridge skewered Douglas Ross on Sky News over the Tories' own leadership turnover
Sky News

Sophy Ridge just pointed out the clear inconsistencies of the Tory criticisms of the SNP in a rebuttal to the leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf resigned on Monday, 13 months after his predecessor Nicola Sturgeon also stepped down.

The SNP are now hurrying to elect a new party leader, who may end up leading Scotland’s government if backed by enough MSPs.

It will only go to an early election in Scotland if not enough members of the Scottish parliament back the new SNP leader to be First Minister.

Speaking to the leader of the Scottish Conservatives Douglas Ross, Sky News’ Ridge asked: “Do you think there should be an election in Holyrood?”

When Ross said yes, the presenter said: “You’re the kind of Keir Starmer of Scotland then – you’re saying that after two leaders without a mandate, it’s time to go to the public?”

Labour leader Starmer called for an immediate general election in October 2022, after Liz Truss resigned as PM.

She was appointed as Tory leader after Boris Johnson stepped down, but – having spent just 49 days in office – Truss never actually led her party through a general election.

Her successor, Rishi Sunak, is also yet to face the public as Conservative leader (and PM), despite being in his post for more than a year.

Sunak is widely expected to still be leading the party in the next general election, though.

Still, that means the Conservatives have changed leader twice since the last general election while still holding onto the top position of Prime Minister – much as the SNP are doing in Scotland with the First Minister role.

Ross replied: “Well, I’m just saying that after 17 years of the SNP being in power ... ”

“And 13 years of the Conservatives...” Ridge pointed out.

Ross just ignored that and listed all the ways “things have got worse” in Scotland since the SNP took over.

Funnily enough, the Conservatives have faced the same criticism, with many saying life has worsened under the party – and the party continues to sink in the opinion polls.


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