"What she's done in the last 24 hours is nothing to do with the interests of Scotland," Nandy said.
Report recommends he apologise and be kicked out of parliament for two days.
One MP hit back saying it was a “bizarre Tory smear campaign” while another said it was an attempt to divert attention from the “Tory corruption scandal".
Anum Qaisar-Javed is Scotland's second ever Muslim MP and vows to “fight for independence”.
It comes after HuffPost UK obtained a leaked briefing telling Labour MPs the party would vote against domestic vaccination checks.
Scottish Tories' motion fails despite Holyrood report that found the first minister had misled parliament.
But first minister still faces confidence vote in Holyrood as Alex Salmond saga threatens to engulf her premiership.
Douglas Ross says Labour, Tories and Lib Dems should work together "if parliamentary maths" allow after Holyrood election.
First minister said she never "wanted to ‘get’ Alex Salmond” as she defends Scottish government investigation into her predecessor.
Andrew Bowie objects to the term being used at a parliamentary committee amid call for accuracy from Scottish National Party.