The former Scottish first minister and leader of the Scottish National Party was cleared of all charges on March 23.
Nicola Sturgeon's party won 48 of Scotland's 59 seats, ousting seven Tories and Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson.
John Nicolson was speaking at a hustings during his bid to take Ochil and South Perthshire back from the Tories.
“If life experience was the qualifier to get into parliament, then we wouldn’t have the prime minister we have."
Nigel Farage's new party came second in the recent European elections. But in such a Remain stronghold, who are his supporters?
"The UK Government must stop running down the clock."
Why should vulnerable people lose out because the government set an unrealistic Brexit timetable and hasn't made the effort to meet it
I fear that if you continue to advocate that the result of the flawed referendum of 2016 must be implemented at all costs, then Labour will lose, and lose heavily
The two child policy and the rape clause are not justifiable policies for a government which claims to support families
The government must stop for a second and consider the rights, interests and wellbeing of almost 14million disabled people as we finalise leaving the EU