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Why The Haitian Hurricane Barely Graced Your Newsfeeds: Bad Timing Or Do We Simply Not Care?

Virginia Stuart-Taylor | Posted 23.11.2016 | UK
Virginia Stuart-Taylor

This remains a recurrent problem for Europe. We'll undoubtedly see this combination of bad timing, aid fatigue and an empathy gap rear its ugly head the next time disaster strikes in the developing world. The age-old blame game between journalists and readers cannot continue in this vein and Europeans must proactively step outside of the bubble. If not, we risk losing our sense of humanity altogether.

Students At Top Journalism School Have Voted To Ban The Mail, Sun And Express From Campus

The Huffington Post | Jasmin Gray | Posted 18.11.2016 | UK Universities & Education

Students and graduates from City University London, which has one of the UK’s top journalism schools, have reacted with outrage after its student un...

'Much Read, Little Admired' - Can Football Journalism Be Serious?

Henry Cooke | Posted 10.11.2016 | UK Sport
Henry Cooke

Like celebrity tittle-tattle, sports news is generally regarded as a 'lower form' of journalism. In the first of a series of articles taking a closer...

Unpaid Internships... It's Still Not What You Know

Sally Holt | Posted 02.11.2016 | UK Politics
Sally Holt

As far as I can see, your ability to write, articulate, heal or lead is not inherently linked to your parents' wealth. It is our society which makes it so.

You're a Journalist? Relax! Shorthand's Just Not Needed

Jimmy Smallwood | Posted 02.11.2016 | UK
Jimmy Smallwood

The point is not that shorthand is pointless. If you want to learn it that's wonderful; broaden your skillset. But I can think of half a dozen skills I reckon you'd be better off acquiring to help you kick on in this journalistic rat race.

The Truth About OCD

Richard Taylor | Posted 02.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Richard Taylor

For many people, the stereotype of OCD in mainstream media is so damaging because it makes them feel isolated, strange, different and abnormal when in reality, they should be made to feel accepted, loved and cared for. Just because you can't see their illness and it's in their head doesn't mean it's not real or should be treated any differently to a physical injury.

Journalists Who Say They Don't Need Shorthand Don't Get How Skills Work

Jack Sommers | Posted 01.11.2016 | UK
Jack Sommers

On Tuesday morning, I felt like journalism was having its own 'the country has had enough of experts' moment. A Twitter debate began about whether journalists should learn shorthand. People who really should know better were suggesting they should not.

The New Age Of Digital News

Mohadesa Najumi | Posted 26.10.2016 | UK Tech
Mohadesa Najumi

There is no doubt that we live in a digitally connected society. Almost any information we need can be found at the touch of a button, and communication can be facilitated between individuals instantly regardless of where they are in the world.

Google News Now Labels Fact Check Articles

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 17.10.2016 | UK Tech

Google News has launched a fact check tag to help people find stories which separate fact from fiction as the US presidential election enters its fina...

Why Do We Hold Some People To Higher Standards Than Others?

Kylie Barton | Posted 03.10.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Kylie Barton

The discussions in the media this week as to whether journalist stings are ethical has raised an even more pressing question - why do we hold officials in any form of public office to higher standards than others?

Sold Out! The Media Race To The Bottom

Damien Clarkson | Posted 13.09.2016 | UK
Damien Clarkson

Like most people my mornings are unremarkable, I wake up and have a brief struggle to pull myself out of bed. Then like millions of others around the world I go into a digital loop. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails, looping over and over throughout the day.

Kelvin MacKenzie - The Hijab Doesn't Offend Me, But You Do

Clare O'Neill | Posted 05.08.2016 | UK
Clare O'Neill

Kelvin MacKenzie, the man who brought us Topless Darts, is concerned about female oppression. Kelvin MacKenzie, a man who defamed the victims after Hillsborough, inventing stories so repugnant they could only be true in the imagination of the depraved, is concerned about journalistic sensitivity.

Why Theresa May Be Set for a Spectacular Fall-out With the Telegraph

Tim Jotischky | Posted 13.07.2016 | UK Politics
Tim Jotischky

So, what sort of relationship will Britain's new Prime Minister have with the press? She has enjoyed the giddiest of honeymoon periods, depicted as 'a serious woman for serious times'. Her rapid elevation to No 10 Downing Street was received with near-universal acclaim by the nation's leader writers.

#RefugeesWelcome in Birmingham

Ciara Cohen-Ennis | Posted 13.07.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Ciara Cohen-Ennis

The 20th-26th June marked Refugee Week. Many events took place over the course of the week to celebrate refugees in Birmingham, such as the Celebratin...

Neo-Nazi Stickers Distress Cardiff Residents

Ciara Cohen-Ennis | Posted 06.07.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Ciara Cohen-Ennis

I, personally, am the descendant of Jewish Polish immigrants who escaped the Nazis in the Second World War. To see Neo-Nazi propaganda in my hometown of Cardiff is devastating.

What Makes a Skin Expert?

Dr Anjali Mahto | Posted 04.07.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Anjali Mahto

In the past week alone, I have already lost count how many times I have seen "expert" comments in the popular press by self-proclaimed skin specialists.

How Our Mainstream Media Failed Democracy

Professor Steven Barnett | Posted 01.07.2016 | UK Politics
Professor Steven Barnett

Our mainstream media failed spectacularly. Led, inevitably, by the viscerally anti-EU Mail, Sun, Express and Telegraph papers, most of our national press indulged in little more than a catalogue of distortions, half-truths and outright lies: a ferocious propaganda campaign in which facts and sober analysis were sacrificed to the ideologically driven objectives of editors and their proprietors.

Stepping Out of the 9 to 5: Three Stressful Careers That You Can Turn Around

Tayana Simons | Posted 29.06.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Tayana Simons

Reaching breaking point in your current role doesn't necessarily mean you have to break away from your career completely, a side step might be just the thing you need to refresh your interest in your profession whilst freeing up more time to the other things that you enjoy. Life is about balance, stretching yourself to within an inch of your sanity is not going to do the best for you...

EU Referendum - Both Sides Are Confused About Human Rights

Dr Michael Arnheim | Posted 21.06.2016 | UK
Dr Michael Arnheim

Leading voices in both camps in the EU referendum recognise that Human Rights law has been affected by "mission creep" in the interests of sometimes very dubious claims of individual human rights and against national security. "Brexiteers" blame the EU for this, while "Remainers" point the finger at the European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg. Both are wrong.

Seven Ways Tech Is Changing Journalism and News Consumption

Damian Radcliffe | Posted 20.06.2016 | UK Tech
Damian Radcliffe

According to research from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, social media is used each week by more than half (51%) of online news consumers to find, discuss and share, news content.

Aleppo - The Day Syria Broke My Heart... Again

Anais Mutumba | Posted 10.06.2016 | UK
Anais Mutumba

Maybe I should retreat to my journalist bubble but feeling is better than ignoring. Remembering the one and praying for them is better than hiding behind my keyboard. I think that Kleenex will make a lot of money out of me though.

Children Have Things to Say; A Children's Newsletter

Bob Morgan | Posted 24.05.2016 | UK
Bob Morgan

We asked six, seven and eight year old, children to write a Newsletter for other children their age. Not having done this before we didn't know if it ...

Party Politics Puts Me Off the NUS

Jack Harvey | Posted 19.05.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Jack Harvey

In case you hadn't heard, the National Union of Students (NUS) is in hot water. After accusations of undemocratic behaviour, anti-Semitism from the President and otherwise astonishing politics from a bunch of secretive radical cliques, it faces mutiny from numerous universities, asking their students to vote on whether the individual unions should remain a part of the national body...

New Bold Feminine Perspective on the World

Georgina Gray | Posted 10.05.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Georgina Gray

A lot of titles are still following the same formula that the women's magazine should be strictly for women about issues that concern women only - as if such things exist. This is divisive. But if change is to come about, dialogue between everyone is necessary.

BBC Journalist Detained In North Korea Over 'Inappropriate Description' Of Kim Jong-Un

The Huffington Post | Louise Ridley | Posted 09.05.2016 | UK

A BBC reporter, a producer and a cameraman have been detained in North Korea and are being expelled from the country, the BBC has said. Rupert Wingfie...