11 Things That Suck About Being A Man (According To Men)

The Huffington Post | Rachel Moss | Posted 27.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle

They say it’s a “man’s world” but being male is far from a walk in the park. On Reddit, men have been sharing the things that suck about being...

Men Tell Sexist Or Homophobic Jokes Because They 'Feel Their Masculinity Is Being Threatened'

The Huffington Post | Rachel Moss | Posted 21.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle

A study has confirmed what we guessed all along: men who crack sexist or homophobic jokes are insecure about themselves. According to new research, s...

If Trump Jr Is An Alpha Male Then I'm An Omega Feminist

Alan Muir | Posted 24.03.2017 | UK
Alan Muir

Masculinity is a foreign country: they do things differently there. With due apologies to L.P. Hartley for mangling his wonderful line, that elegantl...

How Are Urinals Still A Thing?

Scott Manley Hadley | Posted 17.02.2017 | UK Comedy
Scott Manley Hadley

Why does society presume that women require the privacy and toilet paper of cubicles, but that men are fine without it? Why do trendy nightclubs presume men won't poo, especially when trendy nightclubs are filled with people on the kind of drugs that are regularly cut with laxatives?

Body Shaming Vs Censorship: The Problem With Protein World's Khloe Kardashian Advert

Anna Tippett | Posted 17.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Anna Tippett

However, should we as a society be concerned about the implications of this? Do such adverts really contribute to a culture of body shaming which places unrealistic expectations on young women and girls? And, if such adverts are to be removed or censored, where do we draw the line?

Why I Am Uniting With Other Black Icons In The Fight Against Prostate Cancer

Danny John-Jules | Posted 17.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Danny John-Jules

1 in 4 black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 12 will die from the disease - double the risk of white men. Yet despite it being the most common cancer amongst black men, an astonishing 86% of us are unaware of the heightened danger we face.

How Hip-Hop Is Confronting Toxic Masculinity

Ioan Marc Jones | Posted 23.12.2016 | UK Entertainment
Ioan Marc Jones

Contemporary hip-hop is telling men that it is okay to feel vulnerable. It is telling men that it is okay to talk about feeling vulnerable. It is telling men that it is okay to be human. Hip-hop's challenge of masculinity is profoundly liberating, particularly for those feeling constricted or poisoned by toxic masculinity.

Bald Men: Another Victim Of The Patriarchy

Scott Manley Hadley | Posted 16.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Scott Manley Hadley

White men are on top. But not any white men: Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Bob "Literature" Dylan have one thing in common besides their gender, race and sexuality: they all have hair, or constantly pretend they do.

How Can We Read The Complex, Pluralistic Ranges Of Behaviours And Expectations That Shaped Men's Lives In Different Periods And Cultures?

Jessica Meyer | Posted 06.12.2016 | UK
Jessica Meyer

In a recent interview given to promote his new book, The Descent of Man, the artist Grayson Perry discusses a figure he identifies as Default Man, tho...

Men Can Be Feminists, Too

Harriette Drew | Posted 02.12.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Harriette Drew

Women have been tackling sexism for much longer than men and they are the ones most oppressed by it, so learn from them. Use the power that you have as a man well. Use it to challenge other men's sexist behaviour, because these men will - sadly - listen to you more than to a woman.

Being A Man Starts With Challenging Gender Stereotypes Age Three

Rachel Bell | Posted 02.12.2016 | UK Parents
Rachel Bell

bmm banner.jpg Pro-actively challenging limiting gender stereotypes through parenting and education from pre-school will help boys survive the limiting norms of masculinity that they're under immense pressure to conform to. Norms that stifle their expression, exploration and stamp out their rich and varied humanity.

Bald Men And Hairy Bodies

Scott Manley Hadley | Posted 30.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Scott Manley Hadley

Do I keep my pubes impractically long because I don't want less hair, or because I don't want to spend time trimming? As a bald man, I'm objectively less attractive than I was with hair, despite (now) taking more pride in my appearance.

A Week With My Dad Taught Me About The Man I've Become

Ayo Akinwolere | Posted 30.11.2016 | UK Entertainment
Ayo Akinwolere

bmm banner.jpg For the first time, I noticed my father's vulnerability: we would walk down the street and he'd budge up really close to me like a child afraid of his surroundings. We'd go to the pub and I'd order for him because he wasn't quite sure how to navigate his way around a hipster East London brewery. It felt great. The balance of power had shifted slightly and I wasn't so afraid of him anymore.

Hypermasculinity Is A Plague On The Modern Man

Louis Michael | Posted 30.11.2016 | UK Entertainment
Louis Michael

bmm banner.jpg Wear the colours you feel beautiful in, sing the songs that let you shed your worries, behave the way you would if judgement didn't exist. Because when you do, you'll be taking the first steps towards a world where judgement doesn't exist.

10 Things People Don't Realise About Masculinity

Dave Chawner | Posted 29.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Dave Chawner

bmm banner.jpg Less than 80 years ago pink was a 'man's' colour. It was considered masculine as it was a more decided and strong colour. Pink was only associated with girls in the 1940's. That means we've had electric shavers longer than we've had the belief 'pink is for girls'. And, it's not only colours, it's materials too...

Why Trying To Be A Hero Is The Worst Thing I Ever Did To Myself

Steve Bartholomew | Posted 25.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Steve Bartholomew

bmm banner.jpg We have to begin to undo the lessons we internalise as children about our roles as men. To let go of the need to display our heroism in a world where not all of our enemies can be seen, let alone defeated. To learn to love women as people of equal value, agency and self-mastery as ourselves.

The Easy Target Of Erectile Dysfunction

Ant Meads | Posted 24.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Ant Meads

bmm banner.jpg Given that erectile dysfunction is a common side effect, not only of depression, but also sometimes the antidepressants used to treat it, are we piling on to laugh at an issue that is just a further cause of shame and embarrassment to people who are already struggling in life?

When It Comes To Conversations About Being A Man, We All Need To Get In The Room

Grace Willow | Posted 24.11.2016 | UK
Grace Willow

Southbank Centre / Belinda Lawley "Why would I go to a man hating event?" My friend Chris has just made this remark and at first I assume he must be...

'I'm a Loving Family Man, Get Me Out of Here!': Modern Masculinity In The Celebrity Jungle

Rae Ritchie | Posted 23.11.2016 | UK Entertainment
Rae Ritchie

Series 16 of 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!': its ad breaks peddle a nostalgic vision of Christmas with a 2.4 family (and thanks to John Lewis,...

Me And My Father's Suicide: The Importance Of Sharing How You Feel

Ed Hunte | Posted 21.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Ed Hunte

bmm banner.jpg On the surface, my father was someone who had everything, yet he still chose to end his life. If his suicide has taught me anything, it's the importance to not hesitate in getting things out in the open, to share challenges and struggles with those you trust and to not be afraid of expressing who you truly are. I still continue to work on these skills myself and I deeply recognise them to be the remedy for the generations of men who choose to give up on their lives each day.

Grayson Perry On Why Old-School Masculinity Is Man's Greatest Enemy

The Huffington Post | Brogan Driscoll | Posted 21.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Often clad in towering heels and brightly-coloured dresses, the Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry is far from the archetype of traditional mas...

The Men Are Revolting

Anthony Lorenzo | Posted 17.11.2016 | UK Politics
Anthony Lorenzo

bmm banner.jpg All Trump had to do to win was to expound a version of brash masculinity that people have been crying out for ever since it suddenly wasn't okay to keep slaves, or rape your wife, or sack someone for being black, or force a trans woman to use a male bathroom.

People Say 'I'm A Man Now' - But I've Always Just Been Me

Lewis Hancox | Posted 15.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Lewis Hancox

bmm banner.jpg Lewis Hancox is a comedy writer, actor and YouTuber. Born female, Lewis transitioned as a teenager. As part of The Huffington Post UK's Building Modern Men series, Lewis vlogs on his journey, what 'being a man' means to him and why, in his words, "I've not gone from being a woman to man. I've just always been me."

Has Depression Affected My Masculinity? Come On, I Jump Through Fire For Fun

Darren Ratcliffe | Posted 14.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Darren Ratcliffe

bmm banner.jpgI've been dealing with this for years and some days I win and other days I don't... I think depressed people are capable of putting up with a hell of a lot more than those that don't!

On Being A Vicar With Chronic Pain And Depression. And A Man

Dave Meldrum | Posted 11.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Dave Meldrum

bmm banner.jpg I'm a man in a fairly patriarchal culture, in a stream of the Christian church that has often overtly pushed the idea of 'strong' masculinity; where male Christians are routinely referred to as 'warriors' and the 'head of the family'; where a mega-church pastor once spoke of not wanting to worship a Jesus that he could beat up.