Your Brainwaves Could Become Your Next Password, But There's A Catch

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 20.01.2017 | UK Tech

Passwords are the bane of our digital lives. Trying to remember the precise combination of letters, numbers and which childhood pet we used on each pl...

Army Life: The Other Side Of The Story

Rhianna Louise | Posted 18.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Rhianna Louise

Fewer than half of soldiers say they'd recommend Army life to a friend. While the Army says it offers a bond that 'lasts a lifetime', many veterans struggle to rebuild the social support networks they need, which leaves them more vulnerable to delayed-onset mental health problems.

Science Tries To Explain Why It’s So Hard To Save Money

The Huffington Post | Jackie Gallego | Posted 18.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle

There’s good news and bad news in recent statistics on saving for retirement. The good news is that retirement saving in the UK has reached the high...

7 Reasons Why Getting Old Is More Fun Than You Think

The Huffington Post | Jackie Gallego | Posted 18.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle

It’s a common assumption among some people that getting older is something to be at best, ignored and at worst, feared. Advancing years are associat...

This Trick Could Send Your Little One To Sleep In 60 Seconds

The Huffington Post | Georgia James | Posted 17.01.2017 | UK Parents

Australian father Nathan Dailo became an internet sensation when he shared this video demonstrating how he gets his three-month-old son Seth to sleep ...

I Might Look Gay But I'm Angry

Darren Brady | Posted 17.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Darren Brady

Deep down I'm still pissed off I never got to date, flirt and kiss the boys at school. Deep down I'm still upset my parents didn't applaud my difference. Deep down I'm still pissed off I was left floundering in the confusion of my gayness at an age when I didn't even know what gayness meant.

How To Help Stop The Spread Of Fake News

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 15.01.2017 | UK

On 21 December 1955, a group of people called the Seekers gathered in a Chicago house awaiting the end of the world, believing a UFO was on its way to...

Did You Know That You Cannot Fail At Being Human?

Andrew Cunningham | Posted 13.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Andrew Cunningham

This article is for those who doubt, who seek perfection, who judge, who struggle to avoid failure at all costs, for those who feel something is missing in them. This is for those who need to justify themselves, who struggle to find proof that they are a complete and good person.

Scientists Have Created A Switch That Turns Mice Into Ruthless Killers

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 13.01.2017 | UK Tech

Mice aren’t what you would naturally think of when you’re told to imagine a ruthless killer. Yet at the flick of a switch, scientists from Yale Un...

Perpetual Sadness

Mohadesa Najumi | Posted 13.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Mohadesa Najumi

In a world filled with wilful ignorance, unfettered greed and social injustice, it is difficult to believe that anyone could be immune from sadness. Y...

Scientists Have Finally Discovered Why Stress Can Cause A Heart Attack

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 12.01.2017 | UK Tech

Doctors have long believed that chronic stress causes strokes and heart attacks, but they’ve not been able to work out why, until now. A new study h...

Stalkers To Face 10 Year Jail Sentences After Govt U-Turn

The Huffington Post | Paul Waugh | Posted 06.01.2017 | UK Politics

Stalkers are to face a new maximum jail sentence of 10 years after ministers caved to pressure from a cross-party campaign to increase protection for ...

7 Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Postnatal Depression

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 04.01.2017 | UK Parents

Postnatal depression affects between 10-15% of all new mothers in the UK, making women feel low and experience difficult bonding with their newborn ba...

Learning How To Sing

Pam Jarvis | Posted 03.01.2017 | UK
Pam Jarvis

This Christmas, I was poignantly reminded of my school teaching years in two highly unexpected ways. First of all I got, in my mother's terms, 'proper...

Two-Year-Old Boy With Autism Revisits Snow White And Is Still In Love With Her

The Huffington Post | Poorna Bell | Posted 30.12.2016 | UK Parents

Last year, little Jack Jack Coley met Snow White and fell in love with her. He sat next to her, and put his head in her lap, which is a big deal for h...

The Kardashians Can Help Your New Year's Resolutions

John Beeby | Posted 30.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
John Beeby

If your guilty pleasure is watching The Kardashians, then forbid yourself to watch it unless you're on a treadmill. The same goes for dieting: tell yourself you can only watch Judge Rinder if you've had a salad, and new associations will take shape in your brain.

The Je Ne Sais Quoi Of The Christmas Jumper

Xavier White | Posted 22.12.2016 | UK Style
Xavier White

Acknowledging the design of the Christmas jumper creates a shared experience of festive consumerism, allowing the jumper to supersede the material and enter the intangible and quasi-sanctified realm of celebration. This new hyperreality is a joyous state that plain knitwear is simply incapable of rendering.

A 'Sniff Test' Could Be Useful In Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 21.12.2016 | UK Tech

Something as simple as your sense of smell could soon become a key test in helping to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease early. There has been increasing ...

Scientists May Have Discovered What Causes A Third Of All Autism Cases

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 16.12.2016 | UK Tech

The scarcity of a single protein in the brain could explain as many as a third of all cases of autism, according to a new study. Researchers in Canad...

The Casey Review, Integration And The 'Us And Them' Mindset

Professor Binna Kandola | Posted 15.12.2016 | UK Politics
Professor Binna Kandola

Reading The Casey Review into opportunity and integration made me reflect on an experience that occurred to me recently. I was with an immigrant grou...

Food Psychology For Food Design

Dr. Francesca Zampollo | Posted 13.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Dr. Francesca Zampollo

Let's start by clarifying these terms: Food Design is the design process that leads to innovation on products, services, or systems for food and eating: from production, procurement, preservation, and transportation, to preparation, presentation, consumption, and disposal.

How To Increase Your Self-Awareness

Sian Morgan-Crossley | Posted 12.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Sian Morgan-Crossley

Whether you want to improve a certain area of your life or you just want to improve the overall quality and depth of your experiences, self-awareness ...

Can Brands Break Us Out Of The Filter Bubble?

Yelena Gaufman | Posted 09.12.2016 | UK
Yelena Gaufman

Everyone loves to be acknowledged and validated - theories of psychological development show that this is how children assimilate a sense of self and develop into healthy, socially-functioning adults.

Depression Is A Monster But Don't Fear it

Andrew Bonsall | Posted 29.11.2016 | UK
Andrew Bonsall

bmm banner.jpg I now take time, when sliding or emerging from that chasm in my mind, to research depression as a social and psychological phenomenon, as well as my own personal brand. As my understanding has grown, the shroud of mystery has begun to unravel.

The Science Behind Why We're All Obsessed With The Missing

Tom van Laer | Posted 29.11.2016 | UK Entertainment
Tom van Laer

It teaches us how to cope with loneliness, it offers a fictional revenge, makes us remember various emotions, including profound sorrow, embarrassment over being in retirement instead of solving the case, and guilt for losing a child. In some ways, Julien Baptiste is our alter ego, whose life events and emotions make us realise we are not to blame.