Plastic Bag Full Of Newborn Puppies Sparks Fears Over Their Mother

The Huffington Post | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 24.03.2017 | UK

Four dead newborn puppies were found dumped in a carrier bag in Hertfordshire on Thursday, National Puppy Day, sparking fears their mother could be in...

'Mummy, Can We Get A Puppy?' - A Few Reasons To Say No

Elizabeth McGregor | Posted 15.03.2017 | UK Parents
Elizabeth McGregor

You know what is coming. You see, despite the above and all that remains unsaid, having a puppy brings joy beyond measure. If everyone in the home is sold on the idea - teamwork makes the dream work after all - a dog can truly enrich family life. Dog

Crufts Continues To Be The 'Worst In Show' For Dogs

Mimi Bekhechi | Posted 13.03.2017 | UK
Mimi Bekhechi

Imagine a show based on ruthless competition in which entirely unnatural physical features were prized above all else and incestuous relationships, allegations of poisoning rivals, and other unscrupulous behaviour abound. It sounds like a salacious soap opera, right? Except it's not. All of these things are part of the saddest reality show on TV: Crufts.

French Bulldog Set To Become UK's Most Popular Dog Overtaking The Labrador

The Huffington Post | Steven Hopkins | Posted 12.02.2017 | UK

The French Bulldog, a breed favoured by celebrities like the Beckhams and Lady Gaga, is set to overtake the Labrador as the as the UK’s most popular...

Licensing Puppy Dealers Will Only Legitimise Suffering

Julia Carr | Posted 19.01.2017 | UK
Julia Carr

As animal welfare campaigners, myself and my colleagues repeatedly highlight that trading puppies through third party sellers is inherently damaging to their welfare.

Your New Dog - It's Not stolen, Is It?

Rachael Millar | Posted 15.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Rachael Millar

Pet thefts are on the rise and campaigners rightly call for tougher sentencing - but people have the power to prevent this heartbreaking crime too... ...

Consumers Buying Puppies On A Whim Is Leading To A Welfare Crisis

Caroline Kisko | Posted 13.09.2016 | UK
Caroline Kisko

The UK's puppy buying habits could be leading to a welfare crisis and causing untold financial and emotional distress for consumers. This is what shocking new research released for Puppy Awareness Week (12-18 September) has found.

Breed Specific Legislation: The Missing Link

Linda Goodman | Posted 06.09.2016 | UK
Linda Goodman

We are running out of time to put right all these wrongs. And so are the dogs. The question is whether we have people in positions of influence and authority who are prepared to step up and do the right thing. And the right thing is to put the best interests of dogs at the centre of their strategy because only by doing this will everything else, including public protection, follow.

Couple Who Had Fertility Struggles Share Adoption Photos With A Twist

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 22.06.2016 | UK Lifestyle

A couple who struggled to conceive have revealed they've adopted an adorable puppy. The pair shared their happy news on Imgur with photos of their new...

To Solve the Puppy Trade, We Need to Be Pragmatic

Rachael Millar | Posted 26.05.2016 | UK
Rachael Millar

As a select committee of MPs considers what should be done about the pet trade, Blue Cross is urging a pragmatic solution that will really work... Ri...

They Call It Puppy Love...

Kathryn Berens | Posted 29.04.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Kathryn Berens

Lottie has been with us now for 5 days. Perhaps I am slightly delirious from lack of sleep but I have fallen for her very heavily indeed much to the delight of my family. That's quite fortunate really as I'm discovering that puppies are not a walk in the park (excuse the extremely weak pun, I plead exhaustion).

Here's Your #MondayMotivation To Get You Through The Day

The Huffington Post | Ryan Barrell | Posted 25.04.2016 | UK Comedy


This Puppy's Selfie Game Is Seriously Strong

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 31.03.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Move over Kim K, 'cause one young pup is defying the laws of selfie-taking in his own adorable way. The hilarious picture below was uploaded to Reddi...

Maternity Photoshoot Dog Is Back In Front Of The Lens With Her Adorable Puppies

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 30.03.2016 | UK Lifestyle

The dog who melted hearts everywhere with her stunning maternity photoshoot is back... But this time with her adorable litter of puppies in tow. A few...

Why Banning Third Party Puppy Sales Is the Right Thing to Do

Marc Lee Abraham | Posted 18.03.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Marc Lee Abraham

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of excited, prospective puppy buyers want to be able to confidently buy a puppy that has the best possible chance of being a healthy, happy companion, and family member. In other words there's no real demand out there for irresponsibly bred puppies.

This Pup Is Pretty Chuffed With His New Braces

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 01.03.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Many of us know the sinking feeling after hearing those horrifying words from the dentist: "You need braces." But one pooch looked positively overj...

When's A Stocktake Not A Stocktake?

Janetta Harvey | Posted 17.02.2017 | UK
Janetta Harvey

Stocktaking is a normal, regular activity for any business. When the phrase 'stocktake and clear out" is referring to living, sentient companion animals, it's a sinister notion. But that's the phrase used to describe what happens in the puppy trade when discarded breeding dogs and puppies not deemed 'cute' enough to sell are dealt with.

How Puppy Buyers Could Be Helped to Spot Good From Bad Breeders

Janetta Harvey | Posted 04.11.2016 | UK
Janetta Harvey

Puppies are making headlines and for reasons most decent people would rather not think about, especially those wanting a puppy and trying to pick thei...

Why Does the Pet Industry Federation (PIF) Continue to Withhold Public Information?

Marc Lee Abraham | Posted 15.10.2016 | UK
Marc Lee Abraham

We've repeatedly asked PIF to explain how pet shops might obtain puppies from responsible breeders but of course PIF has not even attempted a response, as by definition this is impossible; pet shops do not obtain their puppies from responsible breeders.

Puppy Is Afraid Of Stairs, Finds A Better Way

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 09.10.2015 | UK Comedy

Let's face it - sometimes, stairs are a little too big for puppies. The baby dogs' little legs just can't manage. But this crafty canine had an ing...

Cute and Fluffy? How About Dead and Dirty

Janetta Harvey | Posted 22.09.2016 | UK
Janetta Harvey

It would be a peculiar person that tried to argue that puppies are not adorably cute and fluffy. Thousands of pets for sale adverts flooding the internet show that pictures of puppies rarely fail to look sweet, they succeed in pulling on our heart strings and opening our purses. Cute sells.

Shona Sibary, I Have Someone You Should Meet...

Gabrielle Leimon | Posted 28.08.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Gabrielle Leimon

My point is that dogs are living things and not some hot commodity. They form an attachment to you and I have seen first hand the heartbreak they endure at being left behind. They cannot comprehend why you left them and it stays with them for life.

The Sad Story Behind the Soaring Cost of Sickly Pups

Caroline Kisko | Posted 31.08.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Caroline Kisko

Our research for Puppy Awareness Week, taking place from 1-7 September, shows that a shocking one in 10 people buy their pup online, without seeing the puppy before they buy and 15% continue to buy from pet shops.

Are You Ready for a Dog?

Rachael Millar | Posted 28.08.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Rachael Millar

Many love the idea of getting a pup, but the reality isn't as rosy for all. If you're house-proud and don't think you're likely to change, think long and hard about whether a dog is the right pet for you.

Planning on Getting a Family Puppy? Read This First

Bernadette Ballantyne | Posted 30.07.2016 | UK Parents
Bernadette Ballantyne

Having a family dog is a wonderful thing, but we learned the hard way that raising a puppy is not easy. From eating my son's birthday cake to getting a horse to charge at me, here are the most important things we have learned in the past two years of raising our Labrador puppy Mikey.