Larry the Cat v Palmerston - Downing Street's Dilemma

Maeve Moorcroft | Posted 03.08.2017 | UK
Maeve Moorcroft

The Downing Street brawlers are soon to be joined by another male cat from Battersea - the Treasury recently adopted domestic shorthair Gladstone as their Chief Mouser. He has yet to be let out on the street, but there has been speculation as to whether he will join the cat wars. Hopefully Theresa May will look at these top tips before introducing the new tabby to the street!

Don't let this be a summer to die for...

Vicki Larkham-Jones | Posted 20.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Vicki Larkham-Jones

Sadly, each year we continue to hear devastating stories of dogs being trapped in baking cars, many of whom die as a result. Many people still believe that it's fine to leave a dog in a car if the windows are left open, or they are parked in the shade. But the truth is that leaving your dog in the car for even a few minutes is gambling with their life.

Rising Life Expectancy Contributing to Increasing Animal Dementia

Andrew Bucher | Posted 24.05.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Andrew Bucher

Britain has long been touted as a nation of animal lovers, which was confirmed last year when we spent a record £6 billion on our pets. But as medical care becomes better, animals are living longer and this is contributing to a rise in old-age conditions that would have been rarer in the past.

Easter Eggs Are Tasty But Not for Pets!

Vicki Larkham-Jones | Posted 28.03.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Vicki Larkham-Jones

Our latest research shows that nearly half a million dogs are still being fed human chocolate, which is really worrying because even a few squares of dark chocolate is enough to potentially fatally poison a small dog such as a Yorkshire Terrier.

What Your Vet Says - And What They Really Mean

Cat Henstridge | Posted 26.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Cat Henstridge

When you go to your vet, they have to be reasonably nice to you. They need you to work with them for the health of your pet. They can't annoy you by being too frank. So sometimes, what is coming out of their mouths, is actually a highly edited and extremely tactful version of what is in their heads.

How Can We End the Pet Obesity Crisis?

Vicki Larkham-Jones | Posted 16.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Vicki Larkham-Jones

PDSA's latest Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report has found that for some pets, their daily diet contains treats, scraps and leftovers, takeaway and, more worryingly, even some foods that are toxic to our pets like human chocolate and alcohol. Levels of pet obesity are rising and our overweight furry friends are just as likely to suffer from the same obesity related health problems as humans.

Kind Vet Eats Breakfast With Neglected Dog To Help Her Settle In (Graphic)

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 17.02.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Graphic warning: One of the photos below shows an image of a sick dog with a uterine prolapse, which some people may find uncomfortable. A kind ve...

Pets are One of Life's Most Rewarding Experiences, but you Shouldn't Begin This Journey at Christmas

Andrew Bucher | Posted 18.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Andrew Bucher

It's that time of the year when people up and down the country put heart before head and buy a pet for a loved one without thinking through the realities of owning and caring for an animal long-term.

Why Fake Veterinary Nurses Could Put Your Pet's Health at Risk

Liz Cox | Posted 12.10.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Liz Cox

Although we have recently introduced guidance to say that vets and veterinary nurses cannot refer to an unqualified colleague as a veterinary nurse, technically, anyone may use the title - even if they don't have a day of training or a clue about how to treat an animal. To put it quite frankly - the title 'veterinary nurse' has less protection in law than 'Melton Mowbray pork pie'!

Vet Saves Woman From Heart Attack As She Watches Her Dog Be Put Down

SWNS | Posted 07.08.2015 | UK Lifestyle

A vet saved the life of a woman who suffered a heart attack using animal first aid - after she collapsed in his surgery when he put down her dog. M...

Can Your Pet Be Allergic to Humans ?

Mia Rozenbaum | Posted 28.07.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Mia Rozenbaum

Just like people, dogs and cats can show allergic symptoms when their immune systems begin to recognise certain everyday substances - or allergens - as dangerous. Even though these allergens are common in most environments and harmless to most animals, pets with allergies will have an extreme reaction to them.

Cat-Lovers: Keep Your Moggies Away From High-Pitched Sounds

PA / The Huffington Post | Posted 28.04.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Next time you jangle your keys within earshot of your cat, you might think twice, as scientists have found that high-pitched sounds could be hazardous...

Is Poor Assessment of Our Pets' Body Shape Fuelling Pet Obesity?

Elaine Pendlebury | Posted 09.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Elaine Pendlebury

Obesity is the number one concern among vets when it comes to man's best friend but worryingly, nearly half of people surveyed are not aware that it's a major issue. Yet obesity is linked to serious problems such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and a shorter life expectancy.

Pregnant Dog Left Dying In Road After Hit-And-Run

PA / The Huffington Post UK | Posted 15.01.2015 | UK Lifestyle

A pregnant lurcher, who was badly injured in a hit-and-run incident with a van, has been showered with donations after police launched an appeal to ra...

Children and Pets

Elaine Pendlebury | Posted 26.01.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Elaine Pendlebury

I think we often underestimate the benefits that pets can bring to children. I often reflect about how my two boys benefitted immensely from our lovely cat Charlie - sadly no longer with us. He was an elderly stray cat we adopted and he showed them how you had to be tolerant and respect a pet's needs. In return Charlie offered devotion and a listening ear when life was 'unfair'.

Is Your Vet Rabbit Savvy?

Jo Hinde | Posted 08.12.2014 | UK
Jo Hinde

You may be shocked to find out that not all vets are well trained in rabbits (many can have as little as a two week slot for exotics as a whole including reptiles, birds and small furries). This means that the majority of vets out there have very little knowledge of rabbits needs, behaviours, ailments and how to treat them correctly.

Life as a Vet Student

Elly Berry | Posted 14.10.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Elly Berry

Studying to become a vet has been a varied and exciting - if challenging - experience... There are going to be tricky times during your time on the course, not to mention when you're out there working, so try to make absolutely sure this is for you.

Obesity Is Officially the Biggest Welfare Concern Facing Greedy Pets in the UK

Martin Brice | Posted 19.07.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Martin Brice

The PDSA estimate that as many as two and a half million dogs (one in three) as well as two million cats (one in four) in the UK are overweight... The report includes a survey of dog owners where nine out of ten admit to feeding high calorie human foods including take-aways, biscuits, chips and even alcohol to pets.

University Employs Dogs To Help Interview Students For Places

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 09.05.2014 | UK Universities & Education

A university in Scotland has come up with a novel way of vetting potential students - by bringing in dogs to help out with the interview process. T...

Cat Owners Could Catch Tuberculosis As Disease Is Widespread In Wildlife

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 30.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle

A leading vet has made his fears known about the potential risk of cat owners catching tuberculosis (TB) from their pets. In the Mail On Sunday, Ro...

Did You Know June Is National Microchipping Month?

Marc Lee Abraham | Posted 07.08.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Marc Lee Abraham

Microchipping is an essential part of looking after your pet, and throughout the whole of June many vet practices across the UK will be offering discounted microchips, helping both you and your pet celebrate National Microchipping Month.

Millions of Pets' Needs Are Being Neglected

Elaine Pendlebury | Posted 08.01.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Elaine Pendlebury

Worryingly, nearly a quarter (24%) of owners were not given any advice on any aspect of health or welfare when they got their pet. Many people appear to have no idea about the costs and long-term commitments involved when taking on a pet but all owners are responsible for the duty of care to any of their pets.

Jack Russell Faces Being Put Down After Hawk Rips Out His Tongue

SWNS | Sara C Nelson | Posted 09.11.2012 | UK

A Jack Russell faces being put down after his tongue was ripped out by a hawk. Four-year-old Ollie was enjoying a walk with owner Ian Farquhar whe...

What Caused the Downing Street Catfight?

Caroline Reay | Posted 18.12.2012 | UK Politics
Caroline Reay

So what caused the very public cat fight? Not a power struggle for the cabinet post of Chief Mouser!

Tackling the Growing Problem of Pet Obesity

Elaine Pendlebury | Posted 05.12.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Elaine Pendlebury

Sadly pet obesity is now one of the major issues affecting pet health in the UK. It's often unrecognised by pet owners, who may not notice gradual weight gain, or may simply regard a chubby pet as cuddly and well-fed. Yet, as with us humans, obesity is linked to serious problems such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and a shorter life expectancy.