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Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Where I'm on a Far East Adventure

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Yes comrades.

So, Singapore then? It was great. I do like that gaff. Very exotic. It pretty much amounts to a gigantic shopping mall. Nice place. Nice people. Very hot. Very wet.

The Grand Prix was in town. Seems like a right laugh. Absolutely mobbed with your Top Gear mob. Not Clarkson etc... but your motor enthusiast. Squares, golfers, United fans... you know the type? Gigs were great. Bit mad but very enjoyable all the same.

Had a very bumpy flight to Hong Kong or as your Aussie calls it "honkers".
Massive electrical storm hit about 10 minutes after we landed which was a stroke of luck... it was spectacular!! Have you been here? Crazy place. Dripping with money. I've never seen so many billboards advertising watches. Literally tens of them. What is the obsession with fancy watches anyway? What's the obsession with snide fancy watches? They're a pain in the fucking arse. Once they put a clock in your phone... that's it innit? Sorted.

Gig was ok. Wasn't really in the mood. Not been feeling well of late. Doesn't help when people keep saying "You okay? You don't look well".

I think time might be just catching up with me.

Off to Taiwan in the morning. Where all the shit gear in the world used to be made until the Chinese said, "Hang on... shit gear? We can do that better and cheaper than any fucker!"

In other - more important - news, I have learnt to play Let's Dance by that David Bowie fella on my guitar!!!! It might be up there with my greatest musical achievements of which there are literally a few... anyway gotta go. I'm not feeling well.



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