Noel Gallagher

Liam has branded the surprise release "a PR stunt".
Liam recently suggested his brother and former bandmate had turned down £100 million to reform Oasis.
The singer has previously made no secret of hoping to reunite with his brother and former bandmate.
The Wonderwall singer is stuck in the ’90s. And he's completely fine with that.
Game of Thrones, Killing Eve and Drag Race have stacked up the nominations for this year’s Emmys, we have a FaceApp quiz with aged up celebrities, Shipwrecked gets cancelled and Lewis Capaldi continues to take hits from Noel Gallagher.
Lewis donned the mask after Noel Gallagher likened him to the Star Wars character.
Yep, the former Oasis singer isn't quite done going in on Lewis Capaldi.
The former Oasis singer has apologised to his niece, after sending her a message warning her stepmother to "be very careful".
"You were always good at intimidating women though, eh?" Noel tweeted to his brother and former bandmate.