Noel Gallagher's Comments About Glastonbury Becoming Too 'Woke' Have Not Gone Down Well

The former Oasis star urged his fellow musicians to "play your f***ing tunes and get off".
Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher
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Noel Gallagher’s recent comments about this year’s Glastonbury festival being too “woke” have not exactly gone down well.

The former Oasis singer – who has twice headlined on Glastonbury’s iconic Pyramid Stage – recently shared his take on the music event during an interview with The Sun.

Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Glastonbury,” Noel told the tabloid.

“I think it’s one of the most important things. In fact it’s probably the best fucking thing about Britain apart from the Premier League.”

However, Noel went on to say that, in his view, Glastonbury is “getting a bit woke now”.

Glastonbury's iconic Pyramid stage
Glastonbury's iconic Pyramid stage
OLI SCARFF via Getty Images

“That place [is getting] a bit kind of preachy and a bit virtue-signalling,” he shared. “I don’t like it in music — little fucking idiots waving flags around and making political statements and bands taking the stage and saying, ‘Hey guys, isn’t war terrible, yeah? Let’s all boo war. Fuck the Tories man,’ and all that.

“It’s like, look — play your fucking tunes and get off.”

As Noel’s comments became more widely spread online, people on X (formerly Twitter) began sharing their rebuttals, with many pointing out Glastonbury’s long history with protest and political statements…

Glastonbury was headlined by Dua Lipa, Coldplay and SZA this year, with Shania Twain in the Sunday afternoon “Legends” slot.

This year’s event featured numerous political statements, perhaps most notably during Idles’ set, when the artist and activist Banksy put together a stunt which saw an inflatable boat filled with dummies intended to represent migrants was passed around the crowd.


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