McCarroll left the group in acrimonious circumstances in 1995.
"I felt that people had stopped listening to the records and were coming to see us trot out the hits."
Liam has branded the surprise release "a PR stunt".
Liam recently suggested his brother and former bandmate had turned down £100 million to reform Oasis.
The singer has previously made no secret of hoping to reunite with his brother and former bandmate.
The Wonderwall singer is stuck in the ’90s. And he's completely fine with that.
'Let's get the BIG O back together and stop f***ing about.'
“Noel is desperate to get Oasis back but he knows he’s crossed that bridge. And he’s not allowed to, his missus [Sara MacDonald] won’t let him now, cos she’s another one.”
Noel previously said getting back together would 'kill him as a person'.