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Do You Really Need an App to Tell You When to Have Sex?

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In this day and age where the smart phone is consulted over every aspect of our lives, it's not such a surprise to learn that people are even being told by their iphone to head to the bedroom!

Obviously people are still having sex as and when the urge takes them, but if you are trying to conceive then it's a logical step to use an app to tell you when is the best time to interact with your significant other.

Trying for a baby is a thrilling decision that makes you feel like a fully fledged grown-up, you and your partner are mature consenting adults and for the first time in your life you are ready to take complete responsibility for another human being and it's a massive concrete foundation in a relationship.

However, this new found maturity is coming to us later and later in life, our parents had all their children in their 20s, it was literally inconceivable to delay starting a family until your late 30s or early 40s, but times have changed and women are encouraged to establish their career and find financial security before the massive commitment of children and a full time job. But this financial security comes at a high price - the risk of not being able to conceive at all.

The biological clock is no myth, as women, we are born with all of our eggs and by the time we get to 35 our eggs are running out, with ovulation halving and eventually running out altogether, which is a very scary prospect.

So how can this app help couples to conceive? Well it's called The Fertility App and is the first app developed by a health care provider in this field - Barbados Fertility Centre.

The app has an ovulation calculator, which is connected to the calendar. This then syncs with your phone to send you alerts and reminders. You can add appointments and medications and there is a full medical glossary explaining all the medical terms associated with both male and female fertility. There is also a full description of pre conception supplements and medications and their effects on your body when you are trying to conceive. There's a list of the most frequently asked questions about fertility and a healthy lifestyle section to improve your chances of success.

The app is aimed at every couple who is trying to conceive but if no pregnancy has been achieved after 12 months then you must seek medical advice, which can also be done via the app.

The Fertility App is available for download from the App store for iphone & ipad.

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